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The G24 Solution: How 2 Beat The New World Order


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Behind The Green Doors Presents:

Conspirienced Conversations To Beat The New World Order



1. The G24 Solution: How 2 Beat The New World Order

Analysis of past truther efforts, proposal for a new organizational model based on 24 people giving up 2 hours a week. (48.24 mins)


2. 9/11 Trutherology: Episode 1 - How Do People React?

Ways people react to being approached, truther expectations and approaches, the need for solutions and more. (9.11 mins)


3. 9/11 Trutherology: Episode 2 - Are We Fighting Satan?.

If the Devil exists than God exists, they can fight on the spiritual level, the rest of us can hold it down on earth. (9.11 mins)


4. What Did I Forget To Remember?

Sample chorus creation with omnipresent MP3 recorder, recommended at all times along with a notebook. (1.15 mins)


5. D Goes Churchin'

Religions have values to promote to help us beat the New World Order, if we inform them they might. (40.07 mins)


6. BK and D Rap

Conspirenced conversation about the problems, reactions and solutions we face to help us win. (59.29 mins)


Additional Conspirienced Convos:


BGD vs. NWO: A Conversation Between Conspiracy Theorists About How To Beat The New World Order

BK and Andrew | Toronto | 133 mins | January 31, 2009

The Metro Sodomy: A Fun Way To Beat The New World Order

Special Operations: A Quick Look Behind The Scenes

Behind The Green Doors: BK'n'D vs. The New World Order


From Word on the Streets...

We're definitely not alone, lots of people I've spoken with estimate 10% of people are awake to some degree, so that's about 35 million in North America, a good number to work with. General strikes are happening all over Europe, this stuff is being hidden from us by our controlled corporate and independent media, likely because they don't want a Western democracy giving us really, really, really good ideas. If France can have 8 groups work together to organize 2.5 million people and get them to peacefully take to the streets in protest of how their government is acting, then we can...


General Strike Paris France 29 Jan 2009


Europe's winter of discontent

Thursday's French national strike reflects growing despair on the Continent with the way governments are handling the recession, says Adrian Michaels.

By Adrian Michaels
Last Updated: 4:50PM GMT 29 Jan 2009

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(Photo: A protester stands near a riot policeman during a demonstration in central Athens - Greek riots: Banks and cars burned by mob)

The French are in revolt. On Thursday, teachers, television employees, postal workers, students and masses of other public-sector workers will be united in a hugely-popular strike with car workers, supermarket staff, journalists and thousands of others in the private sector.

One poll said that 75 per cent of the public supported the action, which has the backing of the large union groups and opposition socialists. It will be a big test for President Nicolas Sarkozy but, more importantly, the strike will mark the biggest protest so far in one of the world's largest economies against the grief and distress being caused by the catastrophic global downturn.

A depression triggered in America is being played out in Europe with increasing violence, and other forms of social unrest are spreading. In Iceland, a government has fallen. Workers have marched in Zaragoza, as Spanish unemployment heads towards 20 per cent. There have been riots and bloodshed in Greece, protests in Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Bulgaria. The police have suppressed public discontent in Russia, and will be challenged again at large gatherings this weekend.

This is turning into Europe's winter of discontent. Protests are widespread and gathering pace. It seems to be about national interests superceding the common cause that has united countries for decades.

[Note: That "common cause" is the New World Order - Ed.]


There is a problem with just "waking people up", because if we're awake and inactive, then we turn into a version of Communist Russia, where everybody knew the government was evil and lying but nobody dared say anything. We're already using culturally reinforced "political correctness" to reinforce that here, a term that most people don't realize came from communism, which most people don't realize was founded and funded by the New World Order big banks because it works great to centralize power and control in a new feudal system after fooling the public into thinking it was in their best interests to fight for it.

It's coming here too, just see how big and oppressive government is getting.

We have to evolve our efforts and take this problem seriously.

Including changing the way we think about it.

Which shouldn't be hard to do by now.

Some of the writings and audios I've posted here include solutions that people can work on right away, so feel free to check what I posted and see if you can use, adapt or improve anything. We've probably all got 8 out of 10 ideas to work on this that we can help each other make into perfect 10's, so part of the plan is to get people who know what time it is talking about it and working together to win. It's the only thing that makes sense, plus it's been fun for a bunch of people to work on something worthwhile for thousands of years. This should be no different if we approach it right, like an old-fashioned barn-raisin'... ;-)

On dealing with Obama, it's complicated but not impossible, check this attempt out...


HOW TO TALK TO O-BOTS: A Work In Progress for Progress

The Obamanon is tricky, but here are some suggestions from concentrate:

Start by honestly (really!) saying you obviously want him to do well as President (really!) because you donât want you, your family or your friends to live in a crappy world, which makes perfect sense. That will temporarily confuse and disarm them since itâs a more practical approach to politics than picking a gang and joining any stupid fights going on, plus itâs smarter than the usual partisan crap they heard. To say anything else would be stupid anyway, at least on its own. As proof, Rush Limbaugh recently said he wanted Obama to fail, which is only so Obamaphiliacs go hog-wild, circle the wagons and obey their dear leader.

Slowly start by sayingâ¦

Youâre not un-sympathetic to the Obama supportersâ cause.

In fact, what they âwant to believe inâ is great⦠as long as itâs based on principles and not a cult of personality, which even theyâll see is possible.

Youâre also concerned that he might not succeed because most of his supporters have no desire to hold him accountable and find ways to consistently influence his decisions to prevent other powerful interests from doing so; that the compromises he made to get elected need to be understood and questioned more instead of routinely glossed-over, like the War in Iraq going on for another 18 months before it will be discussed again, Guantanamo Bay taking âa yearâ to close while dozens of other âsecretâ or âblackâ CIA torture-sites remain open, the Patriot Act and itâs sequels strangling freedom, the $8.5 trillion in banker-bailouts given over 6 weeks that arenât stimulating the global economy at all because the a--hole banksters wonât lend any of the money to us to loosen up credit market and instead seem to be hoarding it or waiting to use it to buy everything once it gets cheap, plus many other issues; the unconditional love heâs getting in uncertain socio, economic and political conditions that guarantees us less than habitually learning to ask our government to do specific things for us or to stop doing specific things to us; the appointment of âexperiencedâ people who stink of corruption when âchangeâ and by-definition more fresh-faces was the mandate; the move from âHeâs finally here! The One weâve been waiting for! Heâs going to change everything!â to now âLeave him alone! He canât do everything under these conditions! No one can! Heâs just one man!â and so on, or accepting that âHeâs trying his best!â with no actual evidence of it, or the radical lowering of expectations over time that reveals how completely wrong many people were in how they felt for the majority of the campaign, clearly exposing their manipulation through propaganda by the whoreporate media.

Pick any handful of issues to introduce from the above or think of your own, the list is simply provided to give you options, but your knowledge of these issues or many, many, many others and your comfort-level in speaking about them should determine which ones you choose.

Don't attack Obama himself, his messianic image is too powerful to beat and people will just get pissed. Attack the groups the Obamatons used to hate, like the Democrats who wouldnât stop Bush or the War in Iraq after voters gave them control of both Congress and the Senate in the 2006 elections; the last 8 years of Republicans, or people who liberals wouldnât stop to piss on if they were on fire who theyâre now being asked to cheer for thanks to âbi-partisanâ or âfascistâ agendas that destroy the already pathetic âtwo-partyâ democratic system; the Big Corporations robbing and poisoning us who obviously worked closely together worldwide to sell Obama to us⦠and so on. Once people realize they realize who heâs in bed with, their fever will break and theyâll sweat the bullshit out.

Focus on the campaign, especially if theyâre not completely brainwashed, to point out how the establishment coverage of Obama was as uniform as it was ubiquitous. Get them wondering how that could be if heâs truly anti-establishment, or how they could work together unless they were working together. This will open their minds to the New World Order system just as itâs being made public anyway, allowing them to react better in the future. Thereâs lots more propaganda coming down the pipe since this is just the beginning of the end, including mandatory federal work brigades under Obamaâs leadership, so hopefully theyâll at least respectfully disagree instead of obediently submit.

After they snap and get mad, which will happen fairly quickly since itâs an old brainwashing trick designed to train people to short-cut conversations that might threaten their belief system; the same type thatâs worked for centuries; and the stuff that recently worked on the Bushtapo to get them to get mad instead of feel confident enough to listen to anyone who has anything to say about anything at all, you can still confidently hold your own by getting a little bit mad at them and indignantly reminding them that heâs a POLITICIAN elected to lead at a time of crisis and someone who should be fair game for analysis and criticism.

Once their relatively new defense of him as a âGodâ is pitted against their previously learned âfaithâ in âdemocracyâ and how itâs supposed to âworkâ in free countries to keep them free, then their old crap will beat their new crap and theyâll soon calm down long enough to listen, numbed by how blind they were to the importance of procedural political discourse. They wonât agree, even if you make sense, because nobody can beat nearly 2 years of global O-Brainwashing in one conversation, especially if theyâve been sniffing tons of corporate-coke for years, or worse if theyâve recently been Smoking Baracks of Crack and -- after going through post-election withdrawal -- are fiending for the next high. But: at least youâll be able to open their minds for the future, including giving them a chance to use their critical thinking skills before they completely atrophy.

When you diplomatically discuss Obama, be nice and ask them to do you a favor, or answer questions that you couldnât, like what âspecificallyâ did Obama do that was so special to receive this much praise, or what âspecificallyâ are his plans for âChange!â that we can all benefit from. Theyâll find it difficult at first, or say you saw the campaign so you should know and hope you back down from their aggression. In this case, just say that you did see the campaign and still canât answer these questions, so you either missed the answers which any Obama fan should have, or they donât exist and people are unduly ignoring their necessity. Once you get past the usual game of back-and-forth avoidance, youâll find the narrowed-down answer you finally get is quite simple: Barack Hussein Obamaâs worthiest accomplishment is being a black guy who got elected President. Thatâs it. Thereâs no doubt itâs an accomplishment in general terms, but if nobody can say what that means for us in any practical terms that clearly state how we benefit, then it probably doesnât mean much.

Comedian Chris Rock, whoâs usually brilliant despite his mistakenly shilling for Obama, said about O.J. Simpsonâs 1991 acquittal:

"Black people too happy; white people too mad!"

He wondered why the hell black people should be so happy:

"Whereâs my O.J. prize? Every day I look in my mailbox... nothing!"

He had a good point since they didn't get anything, so we should also ask:

"Where's my Obama prize?"


Peace by peace...





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