Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FYI - Daily Racist Stories Are Setting Up Race Riots




Whassup HHC,

Sorry to leave you hangin', I'm hella bizzy and have to go beyond message boards or we'll lose. I'm on the Jeff Farias U.S. radio show tomorrow nite (7 pm) and there's more poppin', hopefully some of you check and share stuff I suggest too.

Anyway, coincidentally, here's something I just now posted on another hip hop site about the "race" stuff which in style these days. I'm not saying we shouldn't keep an eye on it, I'm saying we should know why there's so much to eye.





Whassup Word on the Streeters,

I'm used to saying stuff that needs to be said, so...

Racism is back big-time and there's a reason why that we need to learn before we fall for it.

Obama is a salesman for the people behind him just like every other President since JFK.

That's why they're given the job: to distract us from the people making the decisions.

We say "Bush will..." or "Obama will..." but really they always do as they're told.

Most empires worked this way, from the Greeks and Romans until now.

The "democracy show" is given to people to stop revolutions.


With all the dirt on Obama, and it's buckets, from his days in the corrupt Chicago political cesspool until now, they're going to collapse the economy and use him as a fall-guy to start race riots.

The dirt will be revealed at the right time: it's already leaking like crazy everywhere.

While it's always here, to make sure most people are racist, they have to re-introduce racism everywhere and make stupid excuses for their decisions that are really CIA (etc.) designed lies.

Look up "Operation Mockingbird" or see recent mainstream stories admitting govt. propaganda.

People who aren't racist will see this crap subconsciously for a few months or years and start to think like racists. Once they're scared and angry enough they'll blame the race they learned to hate.

After 10 years of crippling UN sanctions we still believed Iraq was dangerous: so they can fool us.

Obama has some vague bloodline connections, but really, that might be mass media crap too. He's an expendable semi-orphan unlike Bush's ancient ties to the Queen, Skull and Bones, Nazi's, etc.

Yeah they smeared Bush recently, but they'll rehab his rep real soon, don't worry about it, he's fine.

Sorry for the interruption, but historically the only way to stop this stuff is to first speak on it.

Keep in mind the Hegelian technique the "New World Order" (Bush Sr. 11/Sep/91, etc.) use to increase their power and control. They create our problems, and reactions and useless solutions.

That's why problems persist for years.

So: before we all freak out and learn to hate each other as planned, instead of "left" or "right", let's look up and see who run it to stop them, or who the hell created a culture where this goes on.

Look for patterns yourself: I'm only pointing out how daily stories like this today are no accident.


I'm Audi 5000 (throwback!) working on other stuff and haven't even seen the video, I'm just seeing lots of stories like this recently as a pattern, which is always a sign they're up to something.

Finally, don't worry about it, keep your head up and know solutions are out there, it's going to come down to trusting information from people instead of governments, corporations, foundations, etc.

It's obvious, so to quote Young Jeezy: Let's Get It.




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