Saturday, February 28, 2009

FASCISM: How To Recognize It When It's Face Is In Your Face


agreed [redacted],

congrats to [redacted] and the party looks dope, but the "support obama or i'll punch you in the face!" stuff is wack, or more specifically fascism.

people think fascism comes top-down from the "right" under openly evil guys like bush, but it's not true. it's bottom-up from controlled-left grassroots movements.

the nazi's name is from "national socialism", while communist russia, china and most successful dictatorships were built by people saying the same thing:

"support hitler or i'll punch you in the face!"

it's hard to run a top-down police state with most people against them. but if they teach people to beat down anyone who questions their leader, it's easy.

they always do.

then they hire scum to enforce it.

i don't know dude and it's nothing personal, but if we don't stop this we'll have armies of people threatening anyone who disagree with a... politician.

that ain't "change" in a democracy that anyone should want to believe in, so we should stop. if not, we'll have to deal with a...

"civilian national security force, that's just as strong, just as powerful, just as well-funded"... the mega-trillion dollar U.S. miltary at malls, hoods, schools, work, etc.

Obama Civilian National Security Force

i know he's good looking and well spoken, but this is just as scary as it was every time it's happened in history in the exact same way.

keep in mind hitler was TIME Magazine Man of the Year.


when the entire corporate establishment is grinding harder than ever to sell us the "anti-establishment" candidate that we can "believe" in... it's scary.

check it.

think for and believe in yourself.



i feel you man,

the same thing happened in nazi germany and everywhere else as people took sides with the growing fascist trend and stopped trusting their friends. once they have your mind they can manipulate it further and get you to support more evil stuff. that's what's happening now with obama and a lot of people can see it.

it's nothing personal against a young and good looking black guy, it's the same "plan" the people behind him always use and it's just his job to sell it. i think mccain is a snitch too, but it would be harder to use him to convince a bunch of young people to join the army and beat the shit out of the world.

that's why they chose sarah palin at the end -- to make sure obama won.

stay grinding but stay focused on how to beat the propaganda or you won't and you'll lose you friends in the process. there are techniques i've developed after talking to obama supporters for a while now, i'll re-post the write-up below.


it's going to take constant work on solutions to fight this since they're constantly working on how to sell us "sacrifice" and "tough times" as necessary under obama. that's his job -- to sell us hell on earth and get us to cheer for it.

every bank and corporation in the world is behind the obama phenomenon to go for everything we have. we've never seen a politician treated like a "god" in this part of the world, so it's new to us, but it's happened before elsewhere.

keep ya head up homie...

peace by peace...



p.s. oh yeah, it's a mistake to call them "o-bots" or anything else insulting, i've made it and stopped saying it so nobody else should, if we lose we're all screwed.

sorry for the length when most posts are 5 words long, but there's a reason and unknown black guy became president in 5 years and they've worked on a plan to use him that's a hell of a lot longer than anything i've written. it's good too.


HOW TO TALK TO O-BOTS: A Work In Progress for Progress

The Obamanon is tricky, but here are some suggestions from concentrate...


FYI - alex jones is having state legislators including senators and congressman on his radio show nearly every day who are fighting back.

the politicians that work inside "the system" often see way more evil shit than we do and are worried as hell about it.

if we assume they'll fail they will too.

fortunately more americans have their shit together than we do.

our brainwashing is we feel the opposite.


outside of hundreds of other elected officials to work with or work on...

there are 308 MP's and they're not all the same.

libby davies read a petition with 500 names calling for a new 9/11 investigation on the floor of parliament.

peter julian did a national tour exposing the SPP.Gov/North American Union plans to merge canada, emarica and mexico.

dawn scott demanded to know about chemtrails in parliament years ago and got them to admit the yanks are spraying our skies.

and on and on and on...

the brilliant arguments we make for guaranteed failure were given to us by the people who want us to fail. we're not smart for repeating them.

no offense dood, but it's "going down" right now and this is why, they made us feel smart for saying we can't do anything. it's a mind-fuck but they're good at it.

anyway, check this, in the u.s. where many people are smarter with bigger balls (except for the ones they put on TV) they're supporting their state legislators.

if we do the same we'll get some shit done.

don't fall into the trap of making me say we'll get everything done or it's not worth doing anything. i just said we'll get some shit done when we need to.

that's good enough for all of us to start.

peace by peace...



Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights

New World Liberty
February 25, 2009

A majority of states have bills passed or have proposed bill which affirm 10th Amendment rights. Some affirm additional rights and/or give specific reasons. New Hampshire has written the most aggressive legislation.

With the economy collapsing, it is a very real and immediate danger that the federal government can turn into a completely criminal and fascist government. They’ll put foreign troops on their streets. They’ll grab people to put in forced labor or concentration camps if they are unemployed or protesting. They’ll conduct experiments on these prisoners.


9 States Declare Sovereignty

BBS Radio
Posted By: Tinker Bell
Date: 2/8/09 3:53 p.m.

Good information to pass on to the sleeping public. It is preaching to the choir for most of you. Redistribute to the sleepers.

9+ States have now declared sovereignty, now add Washington to the list.

In case you didn't hear about it on the mainstream media (which you haven't because they want to keep us asleep), numerous states are currently declaring or have already declared sovereignty, including:


New Hampshire








Possibly: Colorado, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Montana, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine, Illinois

It is interesting to note that Arizona explicitly speaks about continuity of government and the role of servicemen.

.."if the President or any other federal entity attempts to institute martial law or its equivalent without an official declaration in one or more of the states without the consent of that state ... individual members of the military return to their respective states and report to the Governor until a new President is elected..."

Full text:




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's silly.

Just download and listen to this soon, okay? :-)



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