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Behind The Green Doors: Have You Ever Been Conspirienced? Shindiggery Inc.





Behind The Green Doors Presents:

Have You Ever Been Conspirienced Shindiggery Inc.

Toronto Edition, January 31, 2009


Conversations recorded during anti-NWO planning parties to build a conspirienced core to lead our city in battle against the "New World Order" world domination plans by the Anglo-American establishment to permanently enslave humanity. Now with punch and cookies. This type of event where people get together to think of ways to win and plan to carry them out should be happening everywhere worldwide, so best of luck setting it up. For a more detailed description see below. For punch and cookies drop by.


0) What The Hell Do You Want Me To Do? (12.51 mins)

1) Preamble (4.46)

2) Where They At? (41.56)

3) Da Big Combo Convo (4.34.28 hrs)

4) Late Night Kick Back Convo (45.26 mins)


The White Suge Knight (Big Bag of Weed, Big Bag of Guns) Romans 13.3 Rendition


Download - http://www.zshare.net/audio/54188229c631732e/


Hey CanuckNWOsackkickery! ;-P

If it's not the greatest song in the history of the mankindaverse... the New World Order has stolen our souls.

No worries.

It's the story of a man who loses his patience and ultimately his mind, snapping the last nerve that could interface with the brain chip in a distant and post-snowpocalyptic future. About 6 months from now. Totalitarian Communism has descended upon the Americas. People are awake with no purpose or plan; all know their government is evil; none dare speak it. Loved, hated, feared and worshipped, ruthlessly ambitious, indeskriptively shady and benevolently tyrannical, the head of the notorious Lucid Music Enterprises Inc. (Bitch.) global empire and Have You Ever Been Conspirienced? (Beeyotch?) planetary publishing, the Man Known Only as D, aka The White Suge Knight, heads deep into the woods to avoid the riots, ranting maniacally in his thick and guttural Russian baritone: "Give Me Big Bag of Weed! Big Bag of Guns! I Make Beats That Beat New World Order!" laughing like the Devil himself while staring directly into the eye of the future.

Anyway, to stop this from happening (I really like our place), we're throwing parties every Saturday until the end of February.

The numbers should double every few weeks, or go from 6 to 12 to 24 to 48 people by the end of February.

The first part (4 - 7 pm) will be battle-planning with the best minds on this in the GTA.

The second part (8 pm - ?) will be ornery shindiggery escapin' from the cold.

The numbers for the first part will be roughly half the second part.

The people working on a plan for this should soon be 24.

The numbers in the GTA should soon be 1000.

The timeline is by July 1st, 2009.

Peace by peace...



Behind The Green Doors: Have You Ever Been Conspirienced? Shindiggery Inc.

Plantastic Parties:

Saturdays: January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28


4 - 7 pm: Save 90% of population from being murdered.

8 - ? am: Punch and cookies.


- 1512-C Dundas Street West, at north-west corner at Dufferin
- one driveway north of Dundas west of Dufferin
- behind the green doors, look for signs
- come in and go down the stairs
- knock or enter, de-shoe
- punch and cookies


Copyright 2009 Super Musical Gumbo Inc., All Rights Retarded




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If you only listen to one thing this week...

Well, that's stupid.

Just download and listen to this soon, cool? :-)



"Do the good deed and you shall have praise from the civil authority."

- Romans 13.3



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