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RISE OF THE O-BOTS: How To Communicate Before It's Too Late


OBAMA: Is he going to save us or not?


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

- Edmund Burke



Huddled underground listening to The Alex Jones Show these days, especially since 90% of his "proof" is rare mainstream news stories independently dug up by decent journalists to create an alternate news narrative separate from what corporations that own the media all push at once until we all fascist-parrot it... I feel like we're listening to war-time radio broadcasts as part of an underground resistance force, perhaps in WWII in France, with "Nazi's, Nazi's, Everywhere!" and a small window of opportunity to galvanize our fellow countrymen into fighting back before we are completely taken over.

Neat, eh?

Like in WWII France, the goal is not to just "wake them up", cripple their existing worldview, fill them with paranoid half-knowledge and paralyze them with fear. They can "see" the Nazi's or evidence they're here, or "feel" bad changes and "fear" future ones, so it won't work. Just telling people what's happening during the Masonic "revelation of the method" phase of their current plans for tyranny isn't supposed to work: they always release the terrifying truth in stages to help enslave terrified people, so we're just doing the job they're giving us to do by revealing what they're revealing when it was previously hidden.

Neat, eh?

For example: all the horribly evil CIA and PentaSpook-crap they secretly practiced for decades on Latin America (and others) they're now publicly doing in the Middle-East while daring us to do something about it. Beyond the years of pointless torture and useless missions for random arrests in Iraq detailed way-back in 2004 in "Fahrenheit 9/11", just check this main-main-main-mainstream ABC News article for how much fun it now is to cheer for "murder" like a football game in the pursuit of phantom terrorists, especially with a badass, gray and grim-jawed picture of Berzerk He’sinsane O'Bomber to sell it...

Obama to CIA: Bombs Away! No Let Up in US Drone Attacks

New President Approves Continued Attacks That Have Killed 8 of al Qaeda's Top 20


Like in WWII France and other countries, most people don't care or are too scared to think. They must also believe if the people fighting it really had their sh-t together, or were a close-knit group of friends worth joining who worked together in consistent ways that might actually make a quantifiable difference, then they might pitch in to help save their country instead of just stick their neck out as part of a disorganized mob and risk getting their head chopped off first. Since we have the knowledge of thousands of years of history, including that of war-time broadcasts and the Nazi occupation of countries during WWII…

…we know and can do better.


OBAMA: Is he going to save us or not?

For the answer forged through a dialectic, please see:



Since most people in our text message generation don't read or write emails longer than 8 words, the above was a short-as-possible semi-allegorical summary of the following. After spending 5 years thinking of ways to beat "the system" and later "the New World Order"... I can't play the piano. But, I can think of ways to beat the New World Order. You can see some below. I filled dozens of notebooks and bounced ideas off hundreds of people. I beat the best analysis they'd heard. I should've worked harder on getting more ideas out in more ways, but hey, if you look there's lots of stuff to find that can work for you.

Some of it is in your inbox, so if you get cancer, go broke, get divorced, have an autistic kid or whatever...

Don't blame me.

I sent you an email.

Please keep in mind that all the ideas I provide are public domain and open source by-design, to be used by anybody for anything, though preferably to help save the world. They are carefully engineered to be replicatable, adaptable and evolvable. They are designed to resist infiltration and think tank reverse-engineering to stop them, something likely happening now with all quality anti-NWO innovation. With a huge multi-cultural home-base like Toronto, we and other cities can easily prove the global and culturally independent viability of selected approaches, including building connections through locals to other countries.

Winning is going to be fun.


Behind The Green Doors: BK'n'D vs. The New World Order

65 mins


Unfortunately, random douche-baggery will be more easily excused going forward, including 3-word excuses for not reading the 3000 words here that can help save our families and friends, or taking 2 hours away from watching TV or whatever. Oligarchs study how historical oligarchies created control out of confusion, know people are ALL the same and ALL tempted and controlled by fear, money, power and sex, including the increasingly fashionable power to censor. Despite not having posted in ages and yet actively trying to locally organize, I got this douche-baggy message from my Ron Paul Meet-Up...

You have been removed from The Toronto Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group.

The person who removed you, Michael Taranco, said:
The Organizer has removed you from the group because you
haven't been active in the group.
Sorry Dude, but you have nothing to offer the group. I've
removed SHITTY too, I guess all the infighting there, has kept
you from offering something to this group. I think now that I'm
organizing this group, I can finally do what I was hoping to do
with the truthers, that is, make a difference! Best of luck,

I don't know anything about dood or who he’s associating me with, but I do know that the New World Order, like the mafia, puts well-trained people in key positions of power to manipulate and control organizations. Right now, as part of the subversion of the “organic response to tyranny” (Alex Jones) that always springs up when oligarchs act up, key crooks, kooks and spooks will attempt to take on leadership roles like they always have to fool us. If someone excludes potential allies without talking to them first… that’s a bad sign. As a canary in a coalmine, I’m just letting you know how much it stinks down here.


“Sometimes I scare people,
Without being scary,
I feel like a black guy,
I’m a brown canary…”

- 2005


Hey wait... hold on a minute.

We’re not being scary.

They are.


New Legislation Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S.

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, January 27, 2009

…The National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645 mandates the establishment of “national emergency centers” to be located on military installations for the purpose of to providing “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster,” according to the bill.

The legislation also states that the camps will be used to “provide centralized locations to improve the coordination of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts of government, private, and not-for-profit entities and faith-based organizations”.

Ominously, the bill also states that the camps can be used to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security,” an open ended mandate which many fear could mean the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse.

Continued at:

406 Responses to “New Legislation Authorizes FEMA Camps In U.S.”

Included Official Primary Source Material and Supplemental Links:

Additional Articles About This Issue:

Research related articles:

1. Rangel To Push Universal Military Draft Legislation Once More
2. FEMA sources confirm coming martial law
3. The failure of the NIST WTC 7 report to address concerns raised in Appendix C of the 2002 FEMA Building Performance Study
4. Treasury Sends to Congress Legislation to Buy Troubled Assets
5. Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security
6. Hurricane Gustav: National Emergency Environment Sets the Stage for the McCain Election Campaign
7. NIST Concludes “Fire” Caused WTC 7 “Collapse” when FEMA Report Concluded Fuel Tank Explosion had “low probability” of Knocking Down Tower
8. Military Examines Role In Domestic Defense
9. Torture Camps Minutes From Olympic Sites
10. U.S. troops may be deployed in Arizona, Southwest U.S.
11. List of Labor Camps Released to International Journalists in China
12. There Might Be a Financial Crisis, But the World’s Arms Dealers Are Doing Just Fine

Research related articles:

1. FEMA: Trains To Take You To The Camps
2. FEMA accused of twisting science in report on trailer danger
3. FEMA Starts PR Campaign With New Channel on YouTube
4. Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America
5. FEMA To Help Run 8-Day Disaster & Terror Drill
6. FEMA: It’s Not About Floods, It’s About Martial Law
7. Federal Government Taking Bids On Construction Of Internment Camps
8. Secretive FEMA Camp Drill Goes Live
9. Secretive FEMA Camp Drill Running In Iowa
10. Illegal Alien Raid Part Of FEMA Camp Drill
11. America’s Future: FEMA Permanently Occupies Real Town For Advanced “Terror Training”
12. FEMA sources confirm coming martial law


It is what it is, and it’s pretty much what people who actually looked into it have been saying it is for years, or a global crime syndicate is trying to enslave humanity. It’s kind of like marijuana smokers telling non-smokers what smoking weed is like. Of course they can disbelieve you, but you know because you've been smoking, so you can only laugh at their cynical distrust and willful neurotic ignorance, or their preference to have their own wrong opinion instead of a shared right one. Once you've seen people be right for years about stuff that most won't believe, you start to get an idea of what's going on.

It's really, really, really, very, very, very simple.

"It's the 21st Century, time to ask why, I'm sorry, but sometimes rich-folk lie..."

The bottom line is we can either win or lose, but whether we want to or not… we have to play.



After this date product is still safe to consume but ideas may not be as fresh as they once were and new product may be preferable.


Hey Conspiraterrorists! ;-P

I hope everyone is well, this is a reminder of Saturday's ongoing conspira-shindiggery, or planning sessions from 4 - 8 pm and parties after, in Toronto at 1512-C Dundas St. West at Dufferin, one driveway north-west in the back, behind the green doors and downstairs, BYOB, BYOBBOWBBOG's, drop by anytime. All are welcome, but the initial goal is to get a solid conspira-core of leaders who know what's going on really thinking about exactly how to defeat the New World Order... and... doing it.

Otherwise we won't be able to.

Otherwise we're screwed.

To paraphrase the CFR’s Gary Hart after September 11th, 2001: we have the opportunity to use this crisis to beat a term that President Bush's father used, I believe just once, a New World Order. As we are attacked in various ways that destabilize our faith in our schizophrenic realities, if we use our knowledge base to develop and share sophisticated philosophical approaches that deconstruct and defeat the carefully constructed PentaPSYOP and enable us to deal with the crumbling Matrix better than most, people will ask:

"What's your secret?"

Then we beat sh-t out of The Secret.

Incidentally, based on the work of people that most deep-researchers believe are telling the truth, the Pentagon and other agencies dedicated to achieving total control over the people of earth are probably constantly reverse-engineering ways to stop innovative ideas from beating them, like the ones I provide and others, especially if we wait to long to act on them. While many are comfortable with a generically 'karmic' approach to randomly fighting the New World Order, in practical terms we're making a huge mistake.


As long as what we're saying is, to the best of our knowledge, true; as long as we're actually interested in "truth" as opposed to just wanting to be right; and as long as we really look at the "truth" movement and how things are going... appears that, with the wonderful benefit of 20/20 hindsight to make plans for the future, a huge assumption we’ve been making is simply not true


Namely: that just "waking people up" will lead them to act.

Because: millions of people are now awake and few are acting.

Incredibly: most hardcore conspiracy theorists aren't acting either.

Therefore: we have to rapidly improve our approach for better results.


For anyone who thinks we're doomed but they're 'saved', logically God will like us better if we try harder, plus it's better to stack extra chips on the afterlife roulette wheel before we let it ride. Unless it's meant to help figure out answers, we can use a different forum to talk about the million ways the New World Order is beating the hell out of us until we're blue-helmeted in the face. We're really, really, really good at it, but it realistically it doesn't work well enough to help us win, so we should try something else while we still can.


The G-24 organizational details were just documented in easy-to-digest video format, we'll release that shortly, including ways to deal with O-Bots. Everyone who saw the biggest corporations on earth working together to sell us “Change We Can Believe In!” and those who know the Zbigger picture can add their shiny nickel's worth to stop O'Hitler and his Barackstapo, or the members of the new fascist-militias making the “sacrifice” necessary at this time of “need” to mindlessly get jobs serving the criminals running the federal government.

If anyone is still in denial about where Obama’s from, what his plans are, who he works for and what he’s done, see: Webster Griffin Tarpley for more. Anyone who mindlessly thinks a summa cum laude rogue academic badass wrote two books in less than 6 months warning us about Barky just for the fun of it, or to make a buck trying to fight “Obamania!” instead of cashing-in on it like everyone else… oughta have their head examined. We can’t just dismiss the work of brilliant people -- and people in general by extension -- that easily.


HOW TO TALK TO O-BOTS: A Work In Progress for Progress

The Obamanon is tricky, but here are some suggestions from concentrate:

Start by honestly (really!) saying you obviously want him to do well as President (really!) because you don’t want you, your family or your friends to live in a crappy world, which makes perfect sense. That will temporarily confuse and disarm them since it’s a more practical approach to politics than picking a gang and joining any stupid fights going on, plus it’s smarter than the usual partisan crap they heard. To say anything else would be stupid anyway, at least on its own. As proof, Rush Limbaugh recently said he wanted Obama to fail, which is only so Obamaphiliacs go hog-wild, circle the wagons and obey their dear leader.

Slowly start by saying…

You’re not un-sympathetic to the Obama supporters’ cause.

In fact, what they “want to believe in” is great… as long as it’s based on principles and not a cult of personality, which even they’ll see is possible.

You’re also concerned that he might not succeed because most of his supporters have no desire to hold him accountable and find ways to consistently influence his decisions to prevent other powerful interests from doing so; that the compromises he made to get elected need to be understood and questioned more instead of routinely glossed-over, like the War in Iraq going on for another 18 months before it will be discussed again, Guantanamo Bay taking “a year” to close while dozens of other “secret” or “black” CIA torture-sites remain open, the Patriot Act and it’s sequels strangling freedom, the $8.5 trillion in banker-bailouts given over 6 weeks that aren’t stimulating the global economy at all because the a--hole banksters won’t lend any of the money to us to loosen up credit market and instead seem to be hoarding it or waiting to use it to buy everything once it gets cheap, plus many other issues; the unconditional love he’s getting in uncertain socio, economic and political conditions that guarantees us less than habitually learning to ask our government to do specific things for us or to stop doing specific things to us; the appointment of “experienced” people who stink of corruption when “change” and by-definition more fresh-faces was the mandate; the move from “He’s finally here! The One we’ve been waiting for! He’s going to change everything!” to now “Leave him alone! He can’t do everything under these conditions! No one can! He’s just one man!” and so on, or accepting that “He’s trying his best!” with no actual evidence of it, or the radical lowering of expectations over time that reveals how completely wrong many people were in how they felt for the majority of the campaign, clearly exposing their manipulation through propaganda by the whoreporate media.

Pick any handful of issues to introduce from the above or think of your own, the list is simply provided to give you options, but your knowledge of these issues or many, many, many others and your comfort-level in speaking about them should determine which ones you choose.

Don't attack Obama himself, his messianic image is too powerful to beat and people will just get pissed. Attack the groups the Obamatons used to hate, like the Democrats who wouldn’t stop Bush or the War in Iraq after voters gave them control of both Congress and the Senate in the 2006 elections; the last 8 years of Republicans, or people who liberals wouldn’t stop to piss on if they were on fire who they’re now being asked to cheer for thanks to “bi-partisan” or “fascist” agendas that destroy the already pathetic “two-party” democratic system; the Big Corporations robbing and poisoning us who obviously worked closely together worldwide to sell Obama to us… and so on. Once people realize they realize who he’s in bed with, their fever will break and they’ll sweat the bullshit out.

Focus on the campaign, especially if they’re not completely brainwashed, to point out how the establishment coverage of Obama was as uniform as it was ubiquitous. Get them wondering how that could be if he’s truly anti-establishment, or how they could work together unless they were working together. This will open their minds to the New World Order system just as it’s being made public anyway, allowing them to react better in the future. There’s lots more propaganda coming down the pipe since this is just the beginning of the end, including mandatory federal work brigades under Obama’s leadership, so hopefully they’ll at least respectfully disagree instead of obediently submit.

After they snap and get mad, which will happen fairly quickly since it’s an old brainwashing trick designed to train people to short-cut conversations that might threaten their belief system; the same type that’s worked for centuries; and the stuff that recently worked on the Bushtapo to get them to get mad instead of feel confident enough to listen to anyone who has anything to say about anything at all, you can still confidently hold your own by getting a little bit mad at them and indignantly reminding them that he’s a POLITICIAN elected to lead at a time of crisis and someone who should be fair game for analysis and criticism.

Once their relatively new defense of him as a “God” is pitted against their previously learned “faith” in “democracy” and how it’s supposed to “work” in free countries to keep them free, then their old crap will beat their new crap and they’ll soon calm down long enough to listen, numbed by how blind they were to the importance of procedural political discourse. They won’t agree, even if you make sense, because nobody can beat nearly 2 years of global O-Brainwashing in one conversation, especially if they’ve been sniffing tons of corporate-coke for years, or worse if they’ve recently been Smoking Baracks of Crack and -- after going through post-election withdrawal -- are fiending for the next high. But: at least you’ll be able to open their minds for the future, including giving them a chance to use their critical thinking skills before they completely atrophy.

When you diplomatically discuss Obama, be nice and ask them to do you a favor, or answer questions that you couldn’t, like what “specifically” did Obama do that was so special to receive this much praise, or what “specifically” are his plans for “Change!” that we can all benefit from. They’ll find it difficult at first, or say you saw the campaign so you should know and hope you back down from their aggression. In this case, just say that you did see the campaign and still can’t answer these questions, so you either missed the answers which any Obama fan should have, or they don’t exist and people are unduly ignoring their necessity. Once you get past the usual game of back-and-forth avoidance, you’ll find the narrowed-down answer you finally get is quite simple: Barack Hussein Obama’s worthiest accomplishment is being a black guy who got elected President. That’s it. There’s no doubt it’s an accomplishment in general terms, but if nobody can say what that means for us in any practical terms that clearly state how we benefit, then it probably doesn’t mean much.

Comedian Chris Rock, who’s usually brilliant despite his mistakenly shilling for Obama, said about O.J. Simpson’s 1991 acquittal:

“Black people too happy; white people too mad!”

He wondered why the hell black people should be so happy:

“Where’s my O.J. prize? Every day I look in my mailbox… nothing!”

He had a good point since they didn’t get anything, so we should also ask:

“Where’s my Obama prize?”



No individual can have the individual impact necessary to beat the New World Order, not with the consolidated media and mind control and despite the ease of global communication. You can probably get some money, power and respect, if you’re good, but you can't beat the New World Order, so they'll take that crap away anyway. Therefore, solid, replicatable and adaptable models created by everyone with any knowledge and awareness of what's really happening should be produced and exported by everyone worldwide for the benefit of humanity.

This means changing how we think about fighting the NWO.

This is only because it's clearly the right thing to do.

This is only because we're near the end.

This is only because we can.

Peace by peace...




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Blogger oryzen said...

Planetary mobilisation is our only way out of this mess. (The only means that and oppressed society can use to defend them selves against a heavily militarize opposition is to, one: out number theme. Two: out resource theme. Tree. Outwit them, sometimes you’ve got to fight fire with fire.)

I don’t think I have to explain to you how hard it is to mobilise different sanctions with different agenda’s but all sharing a common goal , a common enemy; hell it’s hard enough to keep our own troops in line. We should all leave our ego’s at the door, and keep our common objective in plain sight, this will be bigger then you or I or anyone else for that matter. The day is upon us, maybe not today nor next week, a year , 2012 who knows ,… we should ask the Bilderberg’s lol… but a line will be drone.
Then and only then shall the ants discover there true potential.

I’ll be on the front line, and I hope to see you there.

God Speed

S. LeBel

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