Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Krishna: Tha Carter Threestylez (Album)


Whassup Everybody,

Sorry for my intermittent postings as of late, I'm behind on e-blasts and also working on other ways to communicate. If you have any questions, answers or suggestions, please contact me at, with all that's going on it's good to know it.

The latest is a freestyle session over the biggest selling hip hop album of the year, "Tha Carter III" by Lil' Wayne who says he freestyled it, albeit in a studio, verse by verse, with a massive production team working with and dreaming of millions.

Mine is an idea I had which I could execute courtesy of my man D's mic and machinery from the comfort of my room starting at (just before) 0000 hrs on November 22, 2008 in one continuous take, something I've never done and never seen done before.

The reasons why are varied, especially since there's always more than "one" reason for doing anything. (The War in Iraq is about a lot more than just "Oil!" for example.) One is that with a freestyle you know what I think as I think.

I think that's neat.

No worries, more's coming after setbacks (busted laptop and desktop) but hopefully you enjoy this little rapp-y and sing-y trip. While I never deny it's madness, I insist there's a method to my madness. Yours too.

Peace by peace...


I don't know.


Tha Carter Threestylez - 16 Shots/Tracks (69.00 mb / 1.19.00 min)

Tha Carter Threestylez - Album Wrap (72.33 mb / 1.19.00 min)

Tha Carter Threestylez - Raw Acapellas (72.73 mb / 1.19.00 min)


Alan Watt as Guest on "Rude Awakening" with Black Krishna

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