Sunday, August 10, 2008

Toronto Propane Explosion Questions

Hey Guys,

This looks really suspicious to me, especially with how they're covering it.

We should keep an eye on the first news reports where the truth is likely to slip out before it's standardized later. We should also hit the hell out of the streets in the next few weeks with less than a month before 9/11: The Seven Year Itch and wake people up to the possibility that the government might just blow stuff up instead of necessarily blaming it on specific groups of patsies, or more likely do both. I've attached a 7 minute voice report on what we're hearing that people can listen to or post done live at 6:20 pm while watching CityTV News with some notes I'd taken, it can be used as a jump-off to help others create more too.

Between the unexplained perfectly framed footage of the initial blast from multiple cameras with different audio - some with swearing bleeped out - so who were the different people filming it live?; plus the later footage of the ongoing blasts where they named who it was from or at least gave an initial and a first or last name; the psychic driving (implanting images or ideas deep into our brains) of showing the explosions again and again for no reason during the stories along with stills later taken by people with cellphone cameras (some fuzzy) and a CityTV advertising graphic asking for more in a special one-hour edition; the evacuation and duplicated reports of people being unable to find places to stay; the "command centre" (military term) set up afterwards; how the media is making us assume an explosion "was going to happen" just because the Sunrise (nice name) Propane was there and aren't interviewing or suspecting the last driver who filled up the tanks and "just made it out alive" despite the fact he'd at least be an interesting interview and at most be suspect and they usually say if there's a suspect in any incident while here they're driving home the point it was an accident instead; the fact that propane is similar to kerosene that supposedly brought down the World Trade Centers; the fat "anonymous angry guy" who wouldn't give his name on camera and had a crappy response blaming politicians for putting the propane plant there who claimed his back was all burned then turned around and never showed his back or any burns under his grey sweatshirt; the reminder that 200,000 people were evacuated from Mississauga in 1976 after a chemical train-spill, the largest number evacuated in North America before Katrina; plus the fact they're making a huge deal out of this with only one firefighter dead when compared to other accidents in the GTA and more... it looks suspicious to me.

Please keep posting your thoughts and information, maybe we can do full-blown videos or whatever exposing this before it disappears. Either way we've got to nip this stuff in the bud before more stuff blows up, or if it's truly and accident at least get more answers than we're getting, so let's give it a shot.




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