Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"...give people the power to influence their circles..."

sounds good beb, it'll be good to have you in the dot for the summer, i freakin' love my city. lemmeknow in advance and i'll squeeze in some time, but to be honest i'm just working these days and don't care to do much else, random social trump-cards interrupt me anyway.

thanks for your offer to help, as i get more stuff to promote and sell i'll definitely take you up on it. but, as i said to my class last summer, i don't want to work for the "news" or any of that crap, they can, i want to "breed leaders", and give people the power to influence their circles.

passing on the emails are cool, but don't forget to use what you read to kick the crap out of stupid and evil arguments to stop people from making them again. i'm convinced we can win if we have the tools to abuse the fools in our cliques, and in the process become trusted sources going forward.

i explained the process to my news director yesterday morning before the show, it's from the first track on the bootleg nine: revolutionary weapon where i say "i'll save the world gandhi, che and pac's way...", and the first part (emails, etc.) mirrors gandhi's "my experiments in truth", only that n-gga just wrote a book, whereas i have to do stuff like this to prove (after did) that the ny times buried the most important part of this story:

JFK Terror Plot - Cops Made A Deal With An Informant?

::: 3 MINS :::


the next part is che, or giving specific instructions to different groups based on a high-level overview and the ability to see how they obviously relate to each other. they're making a crapload of mistakes, and i told boss-lady that even though the "left" knows the federal reserve is a corrupt printing-press and the cia brings the drugs in, they never mention it when discussing economic conditions or drug policy.

because of that mental-block against "conspiracy theory" they never evolve their analysis to include even the ones they know to be true, and they never succeed in attacking the "system" they're always on about.

this is an unconscionable fraud and the reason we're losing, and a thousand little things like this could see progressives make progress. i hope i can deliver that talk on hip hop and 911 on jun 14th at the screening of 911 mysteries, we'll see, but i'm ready to do a few elsewhere regardless. stand up comedy is also good, and it's the best place to tell the truth while still leaving people feeling good, so that's part of it.

the last part is pac, or the rapping and singing, though frankly i'm better at the latter, so that'll be where it goes. i've gotta spit-harder than anyone at first to get the street-cred and attention of the hood - the first people (e.g. new orleans) screwed by the police state, but after that i can ease up into more marley'esque stuff and crossover.

it's a broken-record, i just hope it's a good one... ;-)


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