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Money Over Bullshit.

Nas in Concert - Money Over Bullshit (1)

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Mena vs. North American Union

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Heya [redacted],

Thanks for the info, I'm assuming word of the electoral changes was leaked by someone decent on the inside who thought it was evil, so the government rushed to stall them and publicize it. But, once they put out that fire they went right back to working on the policy they've been working on for a year. (See the government website link in my original email.)

In switching from 10,000 to 1000 word emails I'm forced to leave out key arguments, or sometimes I just forget. I'll stand by my basic methodology, or a Google Canada News search that revealed no Canadian articles to prove it was suppressed or severely under-promoted. Plus every Canadian I spoke with said "Huh?", and on and on.

(FYI, With how often governments and corporate media have lied and how rarely I have, I still resent having to work ten-times harder for my credibility than they do. I also enjoy it since I get it, so that's cool, but I feel bad for the people who work hard and have valuable things to say who don't like to scrap as much.)

I refuse to just accept that Canadians can be screwed for missing stuff because they're not paying attention. The media can get us all to pay attention to anything they want, and when they don't about something this big there's clearly a plan to ignore it.

As we accept this, and yell at each other for being ignorant a--holes instead of the government for being fascist d--ks, us a--holes are gonna keep getting f--ked by these d--ks.

(Oh crap, there goes my political career as an old-white guy. Good riddance. ;-)

I've discussed this since (obviously) and have received a bunch of strange self-defense (or "please let this be nothing" in code) responses defending the system as usual.

Smart guys with egos include an O-Dot Lobbyist Lifer Buddy, transcript follows:

LB: "VJ, for God's sakes it's not a secret, it's in the Hansard!"

VJ: "Hey LB, you know what a "hansard" is? I don't!"

We think if we've read it as individuals it's been properly publicized, but that's not true. Ironically, this also represents us feeling smarter than others while blaming them for not knowing stuff. (Love the fugue.) Oh well, the world is full of intellectual trap-doors, including the basic fact that 80% of people think 80% of people are stupid. (I know you get it.)

Whether I know what the "Hansard" is or not is irrelevant, and I'll say I don't to represent the fact that most Canadians don't, or they don't read it on a daily basis like my O-Dot Lobbyist Lifer Buddy assumes they do. (Man that's funny.)

Smart people are enemy number one, and I don't mean it like Pol Pot, I mean wake the f--k up and look at the big picture. We have to stop being just smart enough to pleasure ourselves, and focus on what decisions are being made on behalf of our countrymen. We don't even get the fact that comedians making jokes on a nightly basis about the cops beating black people isn't just funny, it reveals serious problems because it's true. (Ennit?)

There's a ton of stuff like this, and the government changing the electoral process without thinking they have to ask us (or tell us) does not mean we should accept that it happened and move on to debating the merits of either system. (Even smartly.)

Fear and ego will keep us from winning, and they have to be exposed as stupidity to avoid them bullying their way into being considered "smart". (Again. And again.)

Even if the elections change (and it happened - see my links) was the lead story on every news outlet in the country, I'd still be pissed-off at the fact it was done without any (serious!) public discussion. (It's wrong on many levels.)

These actions are big clues to the big picture, and I hate it when we do most of the work for the bastards in accepting and justifying their evil and protecting Big Brother. (I can see this crap so clearly the world moves in slow motion, many others get it too, and much like Bob Marley I believe my own bullshit.)

All this crap smells like fascism to me, and you can consider my political philosophy as "anti-fascist", or a denial of the "right" (?) of the government to declare stuff instead of discuss it and corporations to propagandize us into accepting it. (Plus.) I kind of want to be a quark, or at least "quarky" in the House of Commons, and yell at them while telling you what I'm yelling at them about.

We're too focused on arguing about what people shouldn't be allowed to do instead of consistently arguing for more people getting to do what they want, and the latter ride is what I'm pimping. (Worrrd... :-)

Peace, MPVij


Banned UN Speech: Human Rights Nightmare (WWW.UNWATCH.ORG)

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thanks beb,

it's propaganda, but it's interesting to see how they're doing it. they're using classic "problem + reaction = solution" training of our minds to see the issue this way using their "facts" and "definitions" of what's happening.

they're both lying like pro-wrestlers do, and even though sometimes they get so good at it that it seems real, it's not. israeli propaganda always tries make themselves as much of a victim as their enemies, but it's nowhere close to the truth. (since WW2, god rest their souls.)

keeping the people out of it, focusing on the leaders reveals the people with the most money and power who do the most damage worldwide are the americans, british and israeli's, and we can't take their whining as "reality" anymore than we should the yankers and the wankers.

it's like complaining you're miserable to get to do more evil stuff, and they always point out their enemies are obviously more evil since they're dark and mysterious. it's not true at all, and we have to recognize that america is using the same playbook to brainwash their own citizens.

israel is well-armed and well-funded, and they keep the conflicts going to justify their own police state and going to war with whomever they want. their prime minister has a 20% approval rating, their civil servants have massive strikes, and many "people" of israel hate their government, a fact rarely brought up in north america.

that's why this video is getting so popular, it's hijacking resistance from people here like yourself who should've switched to alex jones and others who can help you understand this stuff when you get it, otherwise it goes viral and the lies become how we understand and argue about the world and why we're always confused.

they'll stay one step ahead by taking your best efforts to help and corrupting them, and the message here is basically "we must stop criticizing israel and start talking about the muslims killing their own people like savages!"

then the evil old man says "shut up!", the young man looks like a hero, and we think we saw something worthwhile. we also think it's worthwhile to bomb those brown countries to stop all that raping and killing, so we do.

unless we invest more time in understanding these issues (we're dead) we can be confused by any piece of shiny tinfoil they wave in front of us, and they can buy any lie they want. by now it's getting to be our fault, so we'll see what kind of responsibility we're willing to understand. people have used that word for years to try and turn me into a robot too, goofy stuff, and in a sick way it's amusing for me to see my world wilt.

the guy in the video didn't mention the 10,000 palestinian political prisoners held by israel, nor the 100 - 1 bodycount in the fighting, and if you mention stuff like this you're considered anti-semitic, or someone who doesn't respect the historical struggle of the jewish people against persecution by allowing them to do whatever they want to whomever they want now as eternal payback.

the propaganda is also continuing to build up the UN role in a dangerous world as they grow the global government, and the EU and NAU just announced they were merging the other day with hardly a mention save for BBC News article, though it's been happening for years.

but if this is too much... nevermind.

everyone can do what they want for as long as they can, and really, maybe it's like we all have cancer and should just spend our last few months as happy as possible until we die, we'll see.


Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly...

South Park breaks down the herd better than anyone...

Spread the worrrd... :-)


Welcome to the 911 Truth DVD Project Web Site


We gotta show our confused brothers and sisters how we're controlled by fear and money, especially since the North American Union (NAU) is squishing us together. The best tools are "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism" and "America: Freedom to Fascism" on DVD, and the courageous filmmakers encourage people to burn and distribute copies.

The corporate elite need to hide so much evil that 90% of the news is pure propaganda. The "War on Terror Rapture" and "Global Warming Rapture" are hijacking resistance from the right and left, and channeling it into supporting police states and global government by growing a global taxing body. There are 6 billion reasons to promote "global warming", which they now call "climate change" to blame any weather problem on it, and they add up to controlling the planet.

Bush is also using the same script as Hitler when everyone was expecting him to stop attacking the world, and the neo-con PNAC (Project for the New American Century) cabal in charge wrote down plans to fight 60 countries. They got their military-industrial complex street-cred and pointed out the profits in print, and have been rewarded by media outlets littered with right-wing think tank idiots using talking points, shaved monkeys bestowed the undefined title of "expert" throwing fascist feces at each other.

This whole thing is ridiculous, and if Islam is by it's nature such a violent and hateful religion, how come so many of the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world are chilling out while their brothers and sisters are being tortured and murdered? Seriously, a violent and hateful religion by it's very definition should inspire violent and hateful reactions by a whole bunch of them, perhaps 50%, or 600 million people. We don't see that. Okay then, a violent and hateful religion should by it's definition inspire at least a big chunk of them to retaliate with violence and hatred, or perhaps 10%, or 120 million people. We don't see that either.

We don't remember that most of these people wanted to send their kids to America for a better education. Seriously. They don't hate our "values", and the average middle-eastern DVD and CD collection quickly reveals that. After killing over 2 million Iraqi's starting with the Gulf War and subsequent sanctions, the criminal scum running the U.S. government are trying to cover up how fast they're finishing the job, and reminding us that nobody who disagrees is safe.

Hitler's lawyer was Carl Schmitt, and he arranged for a young Leo Strauss to get a Rockefeller Foundation grant to begin his studies. Leo Strauss later became U.S. National Security advisor, greatly influencing violent foreign policy. His ideas godfathered the neo-conservative movement, and jerks like Cheney and Wolfowitz. Bill Maher interviewed a nutcase neo-con Professor who wrote Dick Cheney's favorite book which argues that man's "natural state" is to be at war. It's not yet, but the TV is full of violent men and beautiful women, and we're being turned into soldiers and whores.

These are not disconnected sentences, and this is not hyperbole or conjecture. These are neo-fascist madmen who need to be understood to understand what their dreams of endless war are, and why they must be "driven from public life" (Webster Tarpley) as soon as possible.

The elite get power by keeping secrets, we the people get power by exposing them.

This beef is crazy, and it could end worse than Biggie and Tupac's. (R.I.P.)


Webster G. Tarpley - How To Stop World War Three - Feb 24, 2007

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Audio and Video Links:

* mp3 download 911 interview pt1
* mp3 download 911 interview pt2



Peace, (NOW!!!)



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