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VIDEO: BBC News - Israel faces human shield claim


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BBC Video: Israel 'human shield' claim

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Rare video footage allegedly shows Israeli troops using a Palestinian man as a human shield.

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BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel faces human shield claim

Rabbis for Human Rights say that Mohammed Badwan was tied by police to a jeep during a recent demonstration in the West Bank village of Bidou.

A related BBC story on the use of human shields by Israel


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Last Updated: Friday, 23 April, 2004, 11:24 GMT 12:24 UK

Israel faces human shield claim

BBC News

Mohammed Badwan

Activists claim Mohammed was tied to the jeep by police.

Israeli human rights activists have accused border police of using a 13-year-old Palestinian as a human shield.

Rabbis for Human Rights say that Mohammed Badwan was tied by police to a jeep during a recent demonstration in the West Bank village of Bidou.

The police apparently hoped this would stop Palestinians from throwing stones during a protest against Israel's West Bank barrier.

Israel's Supreme Court banned the use of human shields in 2002.

Rabbis for Human Rights also say that the boy was beaten by Israeli police before being arrested.

Israeli police spokesman Gil Kleiman said: "It's unclear what happened, we do not expose civilians to physical damage willingly."

The case is to be investigated by the Israeli Justice Ministry.


Mohammed later told the Reuters news agency: "I was scared when they got me at first, I thought they would put me in prison. I was scared a stone would hit me."

Mohammed's father, Saeed, said: "When I saw him on the hood of the jeep, my whole mind went crazy - he was shivering from fear."

Rabbis for Human Rights director Rabbi Arik Ascherman was detained by police when he tried to intervene to help Mohammed.

"It is very sad to see that we have come to this position. There is disbelief," Rabbi Ascherman said.

'Excessive Force'

Palestinian activists in Bidou, a focal point of recent protests against the West Bank barrier, say that the Israeli authorities are increasingly using excessive force to disperse stone throwers.

Medics say four Palestinians have been shot dead this year during violent clashes at protests against the barrier.

Israeli officials say the barrier is necessary to prevent suicide bombings iniside Israel, while Palestinians say the barrier is in reality a land-grab intended to annex West Bank territory occupied by Israel since 1967.


The use of human shields was banned after an incident in which soldiers forced the neighbour of a suspected militant to knock on his door and deliver their demands. The militant shot and killed the man.

Marwan Dalal, of Israeli Arab rights organisation Adalah, said there was evidence that despite the Supreme Court ban, the use of human shields by Israeli security forces was continuing.

He it said it was more common for soldiers to use Palestinians as human shield during military operations rather than against stone throwers.


... figure out what 3 carrier groups are doing in the Persian Gulf and why more keep being added. Hopefully we'll settle on UN sanctions, though they suck too, and killed 500,000 children in Iraq. Don't cheer for this solution against an allegedly dangerous country made by proven liars, understand the people forcing it are the crazy criminals in charge of us. The Russians are rolling their eyes at this insanity, and getting ready to respond to a completely manufactured crisis by the secret government working for the London and Wall Street financiers who ultimately control the money-supply fueling this madness, and who have their sights set on Moscow at some point.

Remember: It was Dick Cheney who sold Iran their nuclear technology at Halliburton, and North Korea's too, so this is just a fantasy of his playing out. Jon Stewart even said in an hour-long and highly recommended CSPAN interview in 2004 that the only question VP candidate John Edwards should've asked Dick Cheney in the televised debates was: "Halliburton does business with Iran? Dude... that's insane!" We need to get Cheney some G.I. Joe's or something, or maybe we all chip in and get him the whole set with backgrounds and a sand-pit and everything. Or two sets in case he nukes one of them.

It's mostly based on a misquote too, at least the emotional part of it that war-mongering chicken-hawks quote to justify their racism, paranoia and xenophobia. Iran's President Ahmedinejad actually said he wanted to wipe the "Zionist regime" off the map, and was really referring to the criminally corrupt and war-mongering leadership of Israel, who along with the criminally corrupt and war-mongering Bush Administration want to wipe "Iran's regime" off the map, so it seems more like a trade. Actually, it's worse because the U.S. and Israel have actually made plans and activated their military forces to actually do it, which is a lot more violence than the "free speech" exercised by Ahmedinejad, and another example of violating the Hitler Principle against pre-emptive wars of aggression...

The "Wipe Israel Off The Map" Hoax
What Ahmadinejad really said and why this broken record is just another ad slogan for war

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, January 26, 2007

To claim Ahmadinejad has issued a rallying cry to ethnically cleanse Israel is akin to saying that Churchill wanted to murder all Germans when he stated his desire to crush the Nazis. This is about the demise of a corrupt occupying power, not the deaths of millions of innocent people.

...The Guardian's Jonathan Steele cites four different translations, from professors to the BBC to the New York Times and even pro-Israel news outlets, in none of those translations is the word "map" used. The closest translation to what the Iranian President actually said is, "The regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time," or a narrow relative thereof. In no version is the word "map" used or a context of mass genocide or hostile military action even hinted at.

The acceptance of the word "map" seemingly originated with the New York Times, who later had to back away from this false translation. The BBC also wrongly used the word and, in comments to Steele, later accepted their mistake but refused to issue a retraction.

"The fact that he compared his desired option - the elimination of "the regime occupying Jerusalem" - with the fall of the Shah's regime in Iran makes it crystal clear that he is talking about regime change, not the end of Israel. As a schoolboy opponent of the Shah in the 1970's he surely did not favor Iran's removal from the page of time. He just wanted the Shah out," writes Steele.


Besides, I don't care if he is anti-semitic, that's not a reason to kill millions of people in Iran, many of whom don't like him anyway, or at least they didn't until Bush's maniacally idiotic saber-rattling turned him into the latest international martyr against NATO military aggression.

There's also been similar barbs traded between Israeli's and the rest of their middle-eastern neighbors for decades since it's founding, and many Israeli leaders have made similar comments about Arabs in the past. There's a hell of a lot more nuance to the feelings expressed in the middle-east about these issues, and for better or worse people express themselves freely about examples more people know because it's a familiar subject. This depth of understanding is vastly unlike the "quote" many people in North America idiotically cite as the only reason to nuke Iran, and reveals our lack of understanding. Ridiculous.

It's not anti-semitic or racist or anything to criticize actions that harm other people unjustly, every country commits them, and governments are the most corrupt and dangerous institutions in history. Since we're on the verge of World War Three, all of ours screwed up, and that includes the government of Israel.

If you want to truly support the PEOPLE of Israel, then don't buy the corporate media and right-wing propaganda hiding the horrors of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from us. They're just lying again, and the people of Israel give Olmert only a 23% approval rating, even worse than Bush's 30% approval in the U.S., while there were recently strikes with 600,000 civil servants walking off the job. There's a lot of dissatisfaction with the psychopaths in charge, and the people of Israel don't want exploding nukes in their backyard any more than the people of Maine want exploding nukes in Nova Scotia, and like most people don't want nuclear war at all...

Olmert's approval rating dips to a low 23 %

By Gideon Alon
January 5, 2007

According to a poll conducted by the Dahaf Institute for the Knesset Channel, 77 percent of Israelis believe that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is not doing a good job, while only 23 percent gave him a high grade for his performance as prime minister.

About 60 percent of respondents rated Olmert's personal integrity as "not good" and only 30 percent as "good."

Regarding Olmert's decision-making, about 75 percent of respondents said it was "not good" and only 24 percent rated it as "good."


This is the exact same script Hitler worked on when everyone was expecting him to stop at some point, and the neo-con PNAC (Project for the New American Century) cabal in charge of the Bush Presidency even wrote it all down with plans to fight 60 countries. After being marginalized in the Bush Sr. and Clinton administrations, they showed their allegiance to corporate-fascism and military-industrial complex profits, and have been rewarded by allegiance from various media outlets now littered with right-wing think tank shills as experts, with many complete shaven-monkey idiots working off talking points.

They are legitimizing fascism and endless war based on a lie, and the kick-off to taking all our rights will be the escalation in confrontation with Iran and the international effects of witnessing a nuclear attack on a non-nuclear country who doesn't want to fight at all. A lawyer friend even told me he was cool with KSM's "confession", or disappearances, torture, secret military trials and lies as due-process to help win the endless "War on Terror" fantasy.

This shows the corruption of reasonable and well-trained people by the Nazi-style propaganda we are being bombarded with, and we have to stop being agnostic about the truth and accepting different realities before the people that believe in the fake "War on Terror" are asked to act on it against the rest of us. This is what happened in Nazi Germany, and with about 1/3rd of the population unsupportive of Hitler he employed a large and visible police force to quell any dissent and increase his control. They will also make for an effective political lobby for more "sacrifice", including a draft and other measures such as "national service" to help the endless war effort.

Hitler's lawyer was Carl Schmitt, and after some tutelage he arranged for a young Leo Strauss to get a Rockefeller Foundation grant to begin his studies. This ended up with Strauss being a National Security advisor for many years on U.S. policy, who famously said "The relentless accumulation of wealth is the highest moral duty". His militaristic approach to this aim greatly influenced U.S. foreign military policy, and his ideas godfathered Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others in the neo-conservative movement. Bill Maher had one of these nutcase Professors on recently, a guy who wrote Dick Cheney's favorite book which argues that man's "natural state" is to be at war, and a guy who could barely stare at the camera when (lying) answering questions and trying to tone down his war-mongering fascist fantasies.

These are not disconnected sentences, and this is not hyperbole or conjecture.

These are neo-fascist madmen who's origins and ideas need to be understood in order to understand what their dreams of endless war are, and why they must be "driven from public life" (Webster Tarpley) as soon as possible.

This beef is crazy, and it could end worse than Biggie and Tupac's. (R.I.P.)

Gingrich: ‘This Is, In Fact, World War III’ And The U.S. ‘Ought To Be Helping’

This morning on Meet the Press, Newt Gingrich argued we have entered World War III and that the United States ought to engage the effort by “helping the Lebanese government have the strength to eliminate Hezbollah as a military force.” Watch it:

As Matt Stoller points out, Gingrich was also quoted today suggesting that President Bush should be framing the current violence as World War III for the benefit of the fall elections.


This is also a glorious time in history, with the best chance for lasting positive changes benefiting everyone on the planet.

The corporate media exposed hundreds of times a day as liars, and people are finally waking up to the abusive relationship scaring the crap out of them on purpose while keeping them clueless, stressed and paranoid. We are all edgy about the state of the world, and we are all looking for knowledge that will give us certainty. Fortunately it's available, fortunately we can access it, and fortunately friends can vouch for it's authenticity in having studied it for a while. If we learn to trust each other instead of the controlled-corporate media we'll be fine.

If not, they'll divide and conquor and brainwash us off a cliff...

Guns + Butter Radio
Mar 28, 2007

Biowarfare and the Emergence of Police State America

Interview with author and professor of international law, Dr. Francis Boyle. The history of biological warfare development and the Biological Weapons Convention; forced anthrax inoculations of the military; anthrax attacks on congress and the resultant Patriot legislation setting up a police state; FBI agent Marion "Spike" Bowman's thwarting of FBI investigations into both Zacarias Moussaoui and the anthrax attacks on congress; the DNC's prevention of impeachment proceedings against Bush and others in his administration for high crimes and misdemeanors.


We're supposed to learn something new every day, and we're supposed to replace something wrong with something right.

If we figure that out we'll be fine, if not we're dead, and it's that simple.



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