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GLOBAL WARNING: "'s funny how we're more concerned about potential global warming than actual nuclear war..."

New York Times: 2007 April Fool's Edition - Part 1



hey [redacted],

it's funny how we're more concerned about potential global warming than actual nuclear war, and that's by design.

it's a dangerous distraction, there's tons of evidence from qualified and courageous people, and it's just like the ex-generals speaking out against the war in iraq: they're just as qualified as anyone else with less to lose, and when they speak-out they should be listened to instead of dismissed by us and ignored by the press.

global warming has the same type of "skeptics", which is a manufactured term to discredit them by assuming the problem is real and these people are just bringing up - at best - interesting questions. it's not true, it's not a real problem, and the same people hiding the genocide in iraq are planning another one worldwide. they are irresponsible, and this isn't their grand awakening.

right now in africa 60% of people don't have electricity, they're not allowed to use their oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy and other resources which western companies steal, and they're being forced to use solar and wind power which doesn't provide hospitals enough energy for both the lights or the fridge - so they choose which to use. mothers are cooking with firewood indoors, and whole families are catching cancer from the smoke. that's what global environmental agreements accomplish, and they are designed to expand empire and keep local people too weak to resist.

patrick moore, the co-founder of greenpeace, said the modern environmental movement is responsible for more misery and poverty than any other, and many hardcore communist and socialist groups moved into environmentalism in the 1980's because they saw how effective "mother earth" was as a sales pitch. many of these groups are infiltrated by government agents who push secret fascist agendas and receive funding from fascist foundations, and here we are.

anyway, i sent this out on friday, take a look if you'd like,



Hey Folks,

Despite having less than a week to stop World War Three (again) in the Persian Gulf, this is a fantastic time to be alive, and not because of what we individually have to gain, but because we can make lasting positive changes for our planet thanks to the available individuals and information. This is pretty much it, and if we're lazy or limited in our ambition we'll lose this opportunity. (Oh, and sorry for the long email, we're just missing a bunch of stuff we need to know, and I remember in the movie "Gandhi" seeing a whole bunch of brown guys walk up to the salt mines and line-up to get peacefully whacked in the head, so I don't think this is that much of a neo-compromise.)


T-Dot: Signs of War



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