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The Great Global Warming Swindle + The Nerve Of The Federal Reserve + The Crock O'bama '08 (???) + Vaccscreams...

Many people know the neo-cons mentor was Leo Strauss, but most don't know his mentor was Carl Schmitt, Hitler's lawyer. That's why they act like Nazi's as racist and fascist salesman for the elite, who don't care if billions die in World War Three. We need to stop it, Webster Tarpley has the best solutions having seen this coming for 30 years as an internationally respected summa cum laude academic, author, historian and journalist, so check him out and pass it on...


Zbigniew "Kissinger-Lite" Brzezinski and Vladimir Putin: Warn of a New Fake 9/11 and WW3 and We Can Stop It!


Webster G. Tarpley - How To Stop World War Three - Feb 24, 2007

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

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The Great Global Warming Swindle - Introduction

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World War Three is around the corner.

We have to focus.

We don't trust the government or corporations, that's great, now the next step is figuring out why.

We need to move from "At least I'm doing something!" to "I found something that works!" to avoid the fake solutions the corporate-controlled media gets us excited about - like the "AIDS Quilt" that never cured AIDS.

We need to learn that they're just distracting us to allow their parent companies to continue polluting, and if we really want to "save the environment" we should do something useful - like stop them.

We need to understand the liars are lying again, and we can't just get excited without knowing if it's worth it.

We can't let governments and corporations who didn't care before suddenly fool us into thinking they care now.

We can't let corporations write "treaties" that commit people to "sacrifice" to fulfill our "obligations" while they continue polluting.

We can let a central global taxing authority scare us, raise taxes and keep adding new ones until sovereign countries are under their control.

We can't let Al "Angry Man!" Gore teach us to scream "Denial!" at non-believers instead of teaching us to explain the "The Inconvenient Truth" - which sounds like an elitist "pun" on getting us to "sacrifice" anyway.

We can't buy this stupid argument:

"You have to see it or you're wrong!"

You don't "Win!" because you saw a movie when:

1) You can't explain why you're so upset

2) You can't explain what the problems are.

3) You can't explain how the solutions will work.

More on the huge "Global Warming Scam" in a minute, but it reveals - like everything else mean to fail - that we can't do what the TV says. We can't leave questions about "truth" hanging in a dangerous world, and we can't be distracted by stuff like the "AIDS Quilt" again.

The Great Big Blankie didn't stop Bayer from selling AIDS-infected blood to hemophiliacs; nor the mercury and other poisons in forced vaccinations taking autism from 1/20,000 kids twenty-five years ago to 1/80 today. Soon 10% of our kids will be retarded by evil people on purpose, while new lobotomizing "anti-drug" vaccines destroy pleasure-center chunks of our brain. U.S. government websites say they've been trying to take it out for 25 years, while Canadian government websites say they just allowed it - "Thimerasol" - for use in 2005.

Doctor's get fooled like all people on the "inside" do, and a guy with 4 autistic girls who had all "changed" at 18 months finally humbled himself to admit it was the vaccines. That's what all the new "autism" TV specials are about: normalizing it instead of just taking the mercury out and retarding our children on purpose, to say nothing of targeted attacks on the health of everyone else.

The TV isn't supposed to help us understand things, it's supposed to help us accept them.

Merck's national campaign to inject "live cancer viruses" into little girls at $300/shot to stop (formerly) rare cervical cancer is just another part of the endless scare 'em and screw 'em campaign, making knowledge a critical asset in these dangerous times. The same scum lied about the Vioxx' heart-attack risks, yet Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) made the shots "mandatory" in the media despite the "law" saying the state must provide an optional parental waiver. Ignorant and confused parents will be suckered into sterilizing their kids, and the cycle will continue to destroy our evolution. (For more on how to save your kids see below.)

All this is tougher because we are trusting people, or at least creatures of habit, and we should make a habit of trusting each other instead of the TV.

We want to believe the controlled-corporate media will come around, and like cheering when they mumble truth to power on occasion. Accepting this weak position is why we feel powerless, like the King is in charge and we're just glad he's not beating us yet.

We have to move on to the people who consistently call evil people... well, evil.

We have to understand that anyone who doesn't reinforce that isn't giving us the whole truth, and that what they're hiding could be bad for us.

Once we learn the truth we can double-back and watch or read whatever we want, but we can't agree not to trust each other on the "facts" until we can't begin conversations. We can't settle for "virtual worlds" of our own individual versions of "reality" is based on judging the lies separately - and - not from a position of knowing the actual "truth" but rather from personal biases.

There are people who spend hours researching this stuff just because it needs to be done, and we have to respect their efforts to even begin to comprehend what we need to do - because we need to do it - fast.

The elite are trying so much evil crap (NAU, WW3, etc.) that 90% of the news is propaganda.

It's not that events don't happen, it's that the ones selected are meant to brainwash us into forgetting what we were mad about while keeping us distracted.

It's like giving a baby a rattle to stop them from crying.

For example...

1) The Democratic Presidential Election Campaign Cycle is in full-swing, with massive hype and TV coverage just one month after the November 2006 Mid-Term Elections saw the Democrats take control of the House and Senate in January 2007. A month ago. With new powers and a clear mandate.

The Dems know the 2008 President-elect won't take office until January of 2009 - or two years from now - and any politician would be foolish to think they can avoid a scandal for 2 years if they have corporate enemies. Everyone is saying this is an especially "early" campaign given the public's fickle mood.


The Dems weren't swept into office by their spineless crappy campaig, it was the anger at the status quo as Bush's 30% approval ratings reflect. They were sent to Washington to investigate the crimes committed by Bush and his corporate allies, and are buying time to avoid doing anything while getting their followers to cheer for their Presidential candidates instead of yell at their newly elected Congress and Senate candidates for doing nothing.

The Dems don't want to stop the war, and even Junior Senator and corporate media-superstar Barack "The Drama" Obama isn't trying, which suggests he'll kill whoever he's told now and later. They didn't saying anything during their campaign, they didn't do anything before, and don't want to do anything now since both sides are controlled by the same corporate agenda. Most Dems are supposed to throw the fight, and those who fight back in "opposition" (Rep./R.I.P. Cynthia McKinney) get crushed by the TV we watch.

The Dems are lowering expectations of what they should be expected to do with the power they were given: from everything to nothing.

The Dems President-Elect Fantasy is two years of collective suicide like the movie "The Island", because it doesn't matter how much we jump up and down and pee our pants over the "2008" election, the next President doesn't take over until... JANUARY 2009!

Yup, the secret government is good, that's why they're in charge.

The Dems are pressuring us to avoid oversight hearings to investigate the same dictator who passed The Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, John Warner Defense Authorization Bill and others... because he wants to use them... against us.

You think Dubya wants to let the next Prez have all the fun?

He signed over 800 Executive Orders creating new laws and powers never before seen on planet earth, and while the Democrats have the Constitutional obligation and power to stop him, they won't unless we refuse to be fans of their fake fantasies.

2) CNN's special 2 hours of commercial-free coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death was... as Jon Stewart said, it kind of leaves you speechless.

They pre-empted everything in the world, and spent so many hours on it Lou Dobbs told Wolf Blitzer on CNN that his show would be thankfully Anna Nicole Smith-free for those looking for "news" on their 24-hour cable news channel. God bless Ms. Smith, no one's memory deserves to be vivisected just to distract us from the real criminals controlling the coverage.

There is no moral-compass in "journalism" anymore, and the CIA Editor-in-Chief has to freedom to censor stories based on "what sells" while privately fulfilling their secret government agenda. It can change from one paper to the next and one day to the next, and any logic, analysis or excuse will do to suppress what needs a suppressin'.

In reality the "truth" sells or there wouldn't have been an explosion of truth on the internet, the only place formerly respected "whistleblowers" can go to speak out for our benefit and their safety. To lie to us this much the corporate elite must really think we're scum, and once you learn what they want to do to us then you'll understand why their media is trying to destroy our ability to think or be happy...

"A decision was made to increase the debt, ship the jobs overseas and dumb-down the middle-class..."

- Catherine Ausin-Fitts, President Clinton's former Assistant Secretary of Housing, in America: Freedom to Fascism

3) The latest "Global Warming" scare shows we can be collectively stampeded towards anything the TV says will work, and the media will repeat bits of nonsense about stuff like "global warming" so often that even the people who don't care know the handful of words to say to be cool with everybody else.

That means it's propaganda.

I mean literally. That's how it works on planet earth.

It's not about the media "agreeing", it's about them agreeing it's an important issue worth airtime.

The mass media will define the two sides of the debate which - as usual - leave people completely ignorant of the truth (see: 9/11), and get both sides to yell at each other instead of share information and analysis which - as usual - the people choose to do as well.

The media is not supposed to help us understand things, it's supposed to help us accept them.

The internet is helping us understand things, that's why the media is teaching us to yell instead of talk to each other.

The Left virtually banished from the shrinking spectrum of public debate are finally galvanized, and their leaders can finally make money selling lies to a fanbase softened up by the mass media hype. Going along with the "global warming" corporate media fraud is easy thanks to a decadent and guilty public eager to hear "solutions" that involve "sacrifice", or paying more in "sin taxes" and for technology instead of actually understanding the issue.

The Left just has to mix-in a few environmental and spiritual echoes of the past and pop-culture references from the present, and I bet just saying "Katrina" in a speech doubles the donations. Global warming will help them write articles that feed their kids, pay their mortgages and give them job security, and like everyone else (e.g. crack-dealers, prostitutes, conspiracy theorists, etc.) they'll do what they can to survive.

We have to fight society's normalization of long-term "debt" to big evil banks to avoid being controlled like this too.

Good settles into harmless patterns while evil evolves to dominate, and their endgame is being hidden by their mass media. The TV keeps selling us harmless patterns, including being appropriately happy, angry, concerned and sad. While he'll shed some handsome-boy crocodile tears, Vanderbilt Child CIAnderson Cooper (or PropagAnderson Cooper) and his newspook peers aren't going to tell you a half-a-million American refugees from Hurricane Katrina are being vicimized by his "Banker's CIA" bosses in the biggest land-grab in U.S. history until this year's North American Union...

Radar Exclusive

Anderson Cooper's CIA Secret

...According to the spokeswoman, Cooper told his bosses at CNN about his time with the agency. But even if he hadn't, says Walter Isaacson, who headed the network from 2001 to 2003 and is now president of the Aspen Institute, it's not the sort of thing that would automatically require disclosure, since the stint was brief and far in the past. "I think what he did was probably fine and cool, and I've got no problems with it," he added.


Shiny gold statues named "Oscar" might be cool, but even Hitler was TIME Magazine's Man of the Year once. (And now YOU are! ;)

Still, "The Inconvenient Truth" is that the "global warming" scare is meant to hijack well-intentioned people into purchasing their own hand-cuffs instead of doing anything to improve the environment or trying to stop the war. Stop watching TV to go "green" since the networks are owned by the same 5 polluting companies that make you feel guilty about not "recycling" while they stock 100,000 plastic water-bottles at the grocery store: they don't want you to stop them.

Global Warming is meant to use Global Taxes to create a Global Government.

If you think that's a stretch, figure out what "taxes" are and "who" you pay them to.

Then figure out who's writing the agreements and where the money is going, you can't figure out what they say.

Then ask if the "global tax" on fossil fuels (or whatever) is going to be the only tax a "global" body chooses to levy?

Or if any "government" with the power to tax has ever stuck with just one?

The sun is getting hotter and melting the ice on other moons and planets in our solar systems, and that's not because of us.

Whether you think it's warmer than when you were a kid or not, it's a 4 billion year old planet and stuff happens, like the pre-human ice age caused by fossil farts in the absence of aerosol and SUV's.

There's lots and lots of science that doesn't resort to "It's hotter than when I was a kid!" arguments, look for it.

The corporate media didn't care before and are distracting us from real issues.

The real people responsible want us to point fingers at each other until we all feel guilty.

If 2000 years ago an astronomer figured out the next solar eclipse, he could work with the king and priest to get people to peer-pressure each other to "sacrifice" their goats, kids, SUV's, etc. to avoid being destroyed by an Angry God (Gore) taking revenge on sinners, and that's what's happening now.

Science has been starved for a payday too, and if you think they can't be bought just look at the world.

Listen to all (not both) "real" sides and not just the ones the corporate-media shows you, and stop screaming "Denial!" like you're Dr. Phil...

The truth about global warming - it's the Sun that's to blame

London Telegraph | July 20 2004

Global warming has finally been explained: the Earth is getting hotter because the Sun is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 years, according to new research.

A study by Swiss and German scientists suggests that increasing radiation from the sun is responsible for recent global climate changes.

Dr Sami Solanki, the director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen, Germany, who led the research, said: "The Sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temperatures.

"The Sun is in a changed state. It is brighter than it was a few hundred years ago and this brightening started relatively recently - in the last 100 to 150 years."


Some 10,000 US researchers have signed a statement protesting about political interference in the scientific process.


American aircraft carriers are circling bumper-to-bumper in the Persian Gulf. The Big TV is playing the "War on Terror 2: Iran is Nothing Like Iraq", a scary story of Ahmedinejad begging to negotiate while Bush bravely refuses to deal with a madman. The pros and cons of nuking a Third World country are being soberly and methodically debated by the controlled-corporate media. We are ready for the exhausted possibilities and worst-case scenario we see every time with these guys, with as usual the worst possible results - including World War Three.

"Global Warming?"


Peace, (NOW!!!)

Re: Three websites in plain english on The Federal Reserve sent to me.


sorry man, you're reaching for a win, but if it was "plain english" then you could explain it to me. people do that with 500 page books too, and claim a victory because the other person hasn't read it. i tell you to watch the movies i recommend, but even if you don't i can explain them because they make sense.

all great thinkers have made the complex-simple, and if you can't explain it (remember inflation? ;) then it's because they don't want you to know what it is. i understand you'll "repeat" what they say because it came from some "authority" published by the corporate media, but if it leaves questions unanswered it's because you were taught they weren't important.

they are.

they "explain" it.

it's just like ya gangsta-grilled me in defending alan greenspan mumbling nonsense to the public, and even suggested that's how it "should" work, as opposed to the stupid way it "does" for now. you can defend anything, but this is ridiculous when you have no proof they're trustworthy or trying to use their influence to make a better world because the "market" won't allow it - or - they don't want to.

all that globalization business-logic has been proven flawed in terms of the basic goal of human development: just look at the world, and if you want to be an "economist" about it, look at the choices they made instead of how they were justified, or later exposed as lies with respect to their potential hidden impact.

all that thinking could change positively enough to affect the markets while building many stable and prosperous economies and people, but the evil monopolists in charge don't want to, and make up nonsense to justify it that doesn't stand up under cross-examination.

you probably don't know this, but it's the media's job isn't to help you understand things, it's to help you accept them.

you're being a "conspiracy theorist" yourself in assuming people with that much power and control can just "say" what they're doing and have it be true without providing any proof. they've made themselves so "respectable" over the years that people forget we used to make fun of the "bankers" all the time as the greedy and evil bastards they've always been, and they haven't changed but their marketing's gotten better.

that's why you'll trust this "official" text is true without an "audit" to make sure, and thanks to that being repeated as "smart" they get to remain respectable while robbing us all blind...

That'll do, good night and good luck.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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