Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"...the point is that proper context means the truth will win every time..."

yo [redacted],

sorry i forgot to answer you in time, i'd suggest checking my prisonterview with connor from PASAN on my soundclick site, and if you have it the transcript i made from his talk. i'd tie-in our acceptance on a tacit level through TV shows and our knowledge of gitmo, etc., and how it's being normalised in schools, airports, the NY subway, etc.

it's the real "no look - i just said some shit!" ballsification that us lefties don't go for often enough, especially since many of our leaders are pussies and the establishment tone set for discussing this stuff is very careful and watered down... basically, ineffective. on the right, many of their leaders are assholes, and assholes beat pussies every time.

for instance, i think every single fucking convo criticising the iraq war should involve "depleted uranium", i don't give a fuck, you can even randomly sing the shit like you work at Lick's or something, whatever. it is a bigger lie or "crime" than "the downing street memo", which we should also mention, and shows the criminal intent of the evil suits at the top who cannot be given "support the troops" as one of their acolytes arguments: they don't, and the people who think they do have to either stop acting like idiots or be called idiots, once they know that's their choice.

the point is that proper context means the truth will win every time, and what the news does best is give us "answers" without showing us the "math", or how they got their conclusions by selectively using and ignoring information. i think the "sectarian violence" thing is b.s. too, for while there might be inevitable internal power-struggles, without at least as much discussion of the trillion-dollar u.s. military's role in the "violence" - and they're the only ones dropping tons of "carpet-bombs", it's ridiculous to dwell on it instead, and makes the iraqi's look like mindless savages who will kill each other if we leave.

this gives even the "left" a retardedly racist excuse to say we should stay as opposed to saying "just stop shooting, chill the fuck out, and see what happens when the iraqi's realize they don't have to keep fighting: i bet they won't, and will let us leave, especially since we have nukes to use if they fuck with us while we finna bounce!"

our focus should be on giving them a ton of dope shit for fucking up their country, and helping them put their guns into ploughshares and rebuilding it. anything else is utter garbage, and the military's monopoly on "solutions" needs to end: they fucked up, they were lied to and manipulated, and they are still being lied to and manipulated and in turn doing that to us with their stupid "PSYOP's" all over TV making us fear being "beheaded" when the 10 million muslims living in america have never even thought about giving whitey a haircut unless he pays $10.

it's like the random homeless guy who kidnaps and kills a kid - which i've only heard about every few years. yet, if that's all you ever say about them then the thousands on the street are fucked for no reason by a public that hates 'em, like now. we've got tons of bullshit logic that we use thanks in part to reality TV stressing conflict between two stupid people with stupid opinions, and we reflect that by being stubborn. it's a brilliantly stupid strategy of forcing us to "respect" stupidity instead of "correct" it, and keeps us locked in different realities that get us to ignore the criminals increasingly treating us all like criminals.

as for the "prison" system, my favourite stat and one like D.U. that i think should be mentioned in every convo about canada's prison system, government or objective status as simply another brutal apartheid state, is the fact that 2% of the population is native, and 28% of the prison population is. in case one doesn't know how to make sense of that, if you are a native canadian you are 14x more likely to be in jail than on the street in canada, a tough stat for any "demographic". imagine if that was italians? jews? norwegians? ukrainians? it would be crazy, and this place would be scary as hell and as famous as south africa was. i'm sure similar ignored anomalies are available across the board, and if properly applied can be pathways to solutions - the only thing any of us "save the world souljahs" should really care about anyway. i swear, i was just rhetorically asked "hey, you're a big fan of solutions, right?" today by one of us in the game, and while i simply acknowledged it with some enthusiasm, i also reflected: "what - am i in the minority on this being the priority?"

this is nuts.

anyway, the corporate-info is dope, and i strongly recommend checking the flick "america: freedom to fascism" for the economics of it all, and a priceless quote by catherine fitts, fmr. asst. secretary of housing, who basically said "a decision was made to send the jobs overseas and dumb-down america, eliminating the middle-class." now she's a professional politico and has been and worked "there", and as a "whistleblower" vs. the "assholes" in washington she'll probably get invited to fewer shitty parties while helping to save the country, and in turn the world.

after all, if we're all broke idiots we can't use "the constitution" to keep the politicians from forming the NAU, turning us all into good little nazi's and instituting a draft, and using the prison-industrial system as a massive weapons-engineering facility to suppy the world war effort. then we'll attack everyone being too dumb to know the world has absolutely no conflict with us, and in fact really wants to take their picture at the foot of the statue of liberty and ride the ferris wheel at coney island. damn hollywood movies.

anyway, that's why it's so important to nail the problems and "situation" of the prison-industrial complex so clearly, including their rapid planned growth: it's really an attack on all of us that's happening piecemeal to our peeps with our support and rapidly increasing with "the military commissions act", a must-mention for our future security against uber-stalinist-tyranny, the fake "war on drugs we bring in to make money and justify enforcing a police state", and everything else they do to compromise our faith as individuals in our ability to improve our environments.

there you go homie, hollatchaboy... :)


Peace by pissing on the powers pimpin' prison showers...



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P.S. Stewart and Colbert show us they're lying and trying to dumb us down, to find out why and help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: Freedom to Fascism" and "SaveTheInternet.com". Also, check the daily newswires at "Infowars.com" and "PrisonPlanet.com" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!


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