Tuesday, December 05, 2006

PAPOOSE hears "50 Shots" and shoots back, while Nas and C-Webb, grab they' mack and they' sack... (Courtesy of RockRap@aol.com)

"They' shootin'!
Aw, made you look!
You' a slave to a page, in my rhyme book,
Getting big money, playboy your time's up,
Where my gangstas?
Where my dimes at?"

- Nas, "Made You Look"

Nas Lashes Out At NYPD After Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Man

'The cops need to be charged the way gangsters are charged,' rapper says in statement

by Jayson Rodriguez

Queens native Nas has joined upstart rapper Papoose in speaking out against the New York Police Department after their controversial 50-shot barrage that left one man dead and two others wounded early Sunday morning in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York.

The trio of men were leaving a club when the driver, Sean Bell, 23, struck an unmarked police vehicle and then backed into a storefront before charging forward again "almost striking an undercover cop" and crashing into the vehicle once more, according to reports.

NYPD officials proceeded to fire 50 rounds of bullets into the car, a late-model Nissan Altima. The unarmed Bell, who was to be married later that day, was killed instantly, and his two passengers were both injured, one critically. Authorities claimed a fourth passenger was present at the time and in possession of a firearm. At press time, however, police were still investigating the matter and so far have questioned two men about their whereabouts that night.

Nas called the 50-shot act cowardly and was dismayed by the controversial incident, which he likened to a display of gangster behavior.

"The one who reloaded should go before the judge and plead guilty," the rapper said in a statement released to MTV News referring to the detective who took 31 of the shots and reloaded his weapon during the incident. "If he was a man, he would be brave enough to face the charges as a man. ... This brutality bullsh-- is played out with that slave sh--. It has to end now. The cops need to be charged the way gangsters are charged."

Nas, along with NBA player Chris Webber, stepped forward to contribute to Bell's funeral costs, but according to Webber's publicist, Tiaka Hurst, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has already made arrangements to cover the wake. Hurst told the New York Post that instead, Nas and Webber would both provide financial assistance to Bell's fiancee and the couple's two children. No amount was disclosed.

Earlier this week, Papoose debuted "50 Shots" on DJ Kay Slay's satellite radio show. The mixtape-style track addresses police brutality and what he sees as the unjustified murders committed by the NYPD in the black community. In the song, the rapper compared Bell's death to that of Amadou Diallo, the immigrant Bronx resident who was gunned down in 1999 by 41 shots after police mistook Diallo's wallet for a gun.

'50 Shots' triggered by Bell slaying

by Michael White

New York Daily News - Dec 2, 2006


Less than a week after cops killed an unarmed groom on
his wedding day, a rap song condemning the
controversial shooting - and the NYPD - has hit the

The rage-fueled rap "50 Shots" by an up-and-coming
emcee, Papoose, has found airplay on satellite radio
and is being circulated on the Internet.

The song, a collaboration between mixtape master
Papoose and Hot 97 radio show host DJ Kayslay, blasts
the cops involved in last Saturday's shooting, along
with police union boss Patrick Lynch and a New York
Post columnist who criticized Mayor Bloomberg for
saying the shooting was "excessive."

The song also singles out Detective Mike Oliver, who
fired 31 of the 50 police bullets into the car of 23-
year-old Sean Bell and his pals, who were all unarmed.

Oliver has said that he reloaded his gun because he
believed it had jammed. But police sources say the gun
stopped firing because he had emptied the first ammo

"Think we dumb? If your clips was loaded to the top /
And your gun jammed, how you fire 31 shots?" raps
Papoose, 27, a Bedford-Stuyvesant native.

The rapper, who landed on Rolling Stone magazine's "10
Artists to Watch" list last March, also references NYPD
guidelines that prohibit cops from shooting at cars,
though he wrongly calls the rules the "law."

"The law states that a cop is not permitted to shoot at
a moving car. / It don't matter if it's coming straight
at him / Cuz if they shoot the driver, a 4,000-pound
car could cause more drama."

Michael White

Originally published on December 2, 2006

Hear it:


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