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thanks for your comments man, i'll try to give you answers.

yo dawg,

thanks for your comments man, i'll try to give you answers.

::: on the films "terrorstorm" and "america: freedom to fascism" :::

they're new, they're hot, they're awesome, people love them, and one's by a hollywood filmmaker which has a certain "cache". that's why i chose them, and i haven't seen the ones you mentioned, but i'm looking forward to it. these horses are the ones i want to bet on for the reasons i mentioned. i'm not saying you can't disagree, just understand my arguments and see if they make more sense than others, and start pimpin' away whatever you think will save the day...

::: on the style :::

i guess it's the way i feel, and it's no doubt influenced in part by listening to alex jones and others on his show - a far more diverse list than one would imagine based on the stereotype of guys in their basement wearing tin-foil hats and reading their version of comic books. plus peeps are apathetic and complain about it, and i want to show that it's not cool. if anyone disagrees with my approach to "apathy", then why do they complain about it? you can transcend it in your own way, but "people are people", and a version of mine will work.

this isn't just some "fan" bullshit either, this is understanding people from the military and intelligence communities, politicos and academics, journalists and activists, filmmakers and lawyers, and numerous others who've either known about or worked on various aspects of this for over 10 years. when they all of a sudden flip-out it's certainly worth noting.

remember: habeas corpus is "gone", a law that's so commensensically moral it's not funny, and removing our right to "ask to be let out of jail" and "avoid being tortured" couldn't even be written into a hollywood film: you wouldn't believe it. we can believe in "red dawn" or some shit where someone else does this to us, but to have an american president declare himself a dictator while the people completely ignore it is ridiculous. people need to wake up to the ultimate proof of what they want to do to us, and be brave enough to learn the rest of it and fight it.

anecdote: i just saw a teenage girl today at a popular restaurant where i know they thumb-scan to log-in to the cashier, and i briefly took a closer look at the device asked her what she thought about it. she said she didn't and had a nervous smile on her face, and i told her "don't think about it" with a smile on my face, since at the moment it seemed the right thing to say. that's cool, but at some point i'd love it if ALL the employees there and ALL of us understood what the implications of agreeing to use this technology is, what the bad guys ultimately want to use it for, and how much more of it is coming down the pipe. once we do that we can TALK about it, and through our dialectic come up with support and solutions.

the guys on The Alex Jones Show have built up credibility with me be being "right", i double-checked their stuff extensively early on and find them to be incredibly dedicated, passionate and sincere. with the public ramping up of "evil" by the bush regime, it's also hard for me to dismiss their critics: these guys are nazi's, and until we recognize and deal with that we'll never find a way to beat them.

the guys on The Alex Jones Show actually cite sections of the government documents and bills cross-referenced with fellow scholars and critics and law associations among other groups, and they all came up with the same conclusion about this new "I'M A FUCKING KING AND WILL THROW ANYONE IN JAIL I WANT!!!" bill: that this is FUCKED.

it's very, very, very important we understand that, and if my reaction is the exact opposite of the mainstream media's then that's why - they are a pack of liars. a few truly vicious articles and video segments have even been put out there by key members of the mass media commenting on the appalling lack of coverage, a rarity since they usually don't criticize each other to anywhere near this degree, and a desperate wake-up call to their peers and the rest of us.

the lie is to not care about important things.

you can't get me to argue with you about "beheadings" by a culture we hardly see or understand that we're attacking based on greed and hundreds of lies and a lack of concern for the pain or the bodycount. and how many have you even heard of anyway? how big a problem is this when the neo-fascists are raping and torturing and carpet-bombing innocent villages with bombs of poison every 5 minutes? these are not equal actions either: they're not even close. one is a random - and possibly faked - act of resistance against a trillion dollar military; the other is a trillion dollar military being grotesquely misused in a war for GLOBAL EMPIRE, not "democracy".

they are selling us the idea that the iraqi "civil war" means they are simply too savage to figure it out, as opposed to running screaming from massively destructive super-weapons spitting depleted uranium dust that's making everone sick and deforming their children. i don't even know if there really is a "civil war" is happening with the u.s. history of "false flag" terrorism, or who's behind the bombing of mosques which no muslim would do: they just don't do that, and we're sold that they do because it reinforces the the "iraqi people" are the problem in this mess.

i think it's completely irrelevant to take the u.s. military's word for what's happening and buy into the PSYOP distractions from their own criminality. or, if we want to stop war, we have to stop using their bullshit narrative to weaken the strength of our most powerful and focused arguments.

you DO remember that dick cheney is among the most evil motherfuckers on the planet, right? that's why they hide his ass in bunkers and send him to scare the shit out of scared people: that's all he does. in public.

in private he's working overtime to enslave us. what a dick.

if we want, we can mention their "embedded" narrative to understand it and learn what they're brainwashing the public to believe, but we have to put it in the context of the PSYOP being run on us - and the HISTORY of their faking attacks to start wars that could end ALL wars for good - and their numerous savage screw-ups in this one. we have to know that these "facts" aresold to us in specific ways as toys to play with because they barely touch on the american's role in things being fucked up - which means we play right into their hands.

yes saddam was a bad guy, but so is bush, and tell me: who's tortured and killed more people for evil reasons? who's killed more people in foreign countries? who's trying to attack the entire world just like hitler did?

hint: it ain't saddam.

they're trying to reinforce the idea that the "insurgency" is a bunch of savages, as opposed to citizens who were living in country with among the highest levels of education in the world and universal healthcare.

or: more than most of us have.

they're not: "islamo-fascist-savage-freedom-hating-terrorist-killers."

they're just saying: "aw c'mon man, what the fuck are y'all doing? are you crazy? man, i wanted to send my kids to school in america before y'all went crazy, and now i just wanna avoid me and my family getting killed, get you guys out, and run my fucking fruit stand in peace! shit... "

it's also avoiding the fact that no steps are being taken by the u.s. to actually calm things down and rebuild the nation in preparation for a normal political process. oh yeah baby, they fired the first "viceroy" they put in, and the reason he was fired is because he was actually doing that, it's just another "fact" that obliterates their rhetoric that disappeared down the memory-hole...

as a respected veteran of middle-east politics, Paul Bremer really wanted to "help the iraqi people" - again - for which he was fired and subsequently discredited to justify it. he refused to play the game, which was to fuck things up on purpose so america has to stay there for 20 years. while you may believe there is something positive happening, you can't tell me anything about it.

that's the PSYOP for ya, we'll furiously defend things we can't explain and don't understand just like Fox Fans with our own lyrics of sing-song'y simple-speak, and these PSYOP social engineers are fucking geniuses in controlling both sides of a false debate: how do you think we sleepwalked into another "vietnam" with a dozen more on the schedule after everything we know about the last one?

the iraqi people have spoken and want the americans out for damn good reasons.

the americans are instead grabbing and torturing them and grabbing and torturing their economy, which is why they have no choice but to fight back.


and no i'm not yelling at the soldiers: we need to fire their bosses before they turn a bunch of poor 19 year old kids into serial torturers, rapists and murderers, and then those kids come home to their families and friends and communities as psychopaths.

to quote spider man's uncle ben: with great power comes great responsibility, and if you think the u.s. is using their great power responsibly you're nuts.

this is hitlerian stuff, and "normalizing it" is insane.

with a dozen former army generals speaking out against the war(s), that's a massive red flag - one of thousands at this point, and i think we should treat it as such like many other aspects that the media hides and minimizes. with the public addicted to money, sex and fear, i'll take care of all three in time, but right now i'll scare you more than they possibly could with what they're really up to - because it's worse, and i hope the fact that it makes more "sense" and is more compelling than the mindless fear they are selling has a calming effect.

there's nothing worse than being ignorantly frightened.

this is the truth man, and if that doesn't inspire us i don't know what will.

in fairness, i agree that one needs to be sympathetic to the "apathetic drones" out there, but there's a method to my madness, and unfortunately for some who shrink from the concept, revealing it reveals the madness.

i think balls are inspiring, people with big, beautiful balls have inspired me, and i've got a pair of pilates balls i've been inflating in preparation for this fight.

if you look at the history of success, it's not "written" that way, but it is that way.

and not only is the idea that we should "take time" a bad one, it's joined at the hip with "relax" and "don't get political", and is reinforced in peer-groups because that's what most people hear - i.e. "propaganda".

it's simple to understand when you understand the game, and if a bunch of different people are saying the same thing it's because they are all going to the only source they all access: the controlled corporate media, who tell them they are "smart" if they repeat "lies".

i don't even want to do this, and i'm sorry for anyone who can't handle it, but i also don't want to move this fast: the fascists do, because they've been at it for a while and they want to finish.

we need shortcuts to understanding, and any advice you can give me is advice you don't need, whereas if it's something you picked up that's commonly repeated, it's likely that i've already heard it and argumentatively trumped it with any unblinking eye focused on:

"what will achieve the best results?"

i can clarify and eliminate a lot of our petty concerns as well, and bomb-first on the bullshit. as a relatively apolitical "nad-inflator", i'll give you your "Dr. Phil of my Tupac Choprah" soon enough. consider this a preview.

i've been working on how to beat this shit, and we're taught to make fake enemies by our ignorance and fear-based culture. with so many suffering from paranoia and a war-psychosis today, i'm going to take my samurai sword and swiftly cut the puppet-master strings off of all of us marionettes as fast as possible.

sure you'll fall to the floor, but you'll pick yourself up a free man.

and as a free men with a sense of purpose, we'll help others we see fall do the same.

::: on the goodness of people :::

i totally agree man, i just think we forget we are supposed to be noble beasts as opposed to beasts of burden, and guaranteed the god-given the opportunity for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", or however the hell you want to phrase "a good life". the devils infecting our democracies are demonizing us to keep us fighting like slaves on a plantation:


they also make us settle for far less happiness than we deserve.

of course, if we settle, do we really deserve it?

are we "good enough" to deserve it?

etc., etc., etc...

we can navel gaze all we want, but FUCK THAT SHIT, the best and quickest way to snap out of our funk is to handle our business.

that's it.

you can check the rest of your business to confirm this.

if you're feeling bad, get some good shit done.

that's it.

we know they are evil, we know things are getting worse, and chasing toys and houses and families like we think we're isolated from it is lying to ourselves - and a BIG part of why we're depressed. what's the point of living or bringing a new life into the world if it looks like it's all going to hell? what are we thinking to focus on arguing ourselves out of succeeding as opposed to into it? who taught us to say such stupid things and ignore the smartest and kindest people we've ever heard?

i'm rocking the "planacea" baby, or "planebo", and no matter how it plays out, i'm planning on winning. and then retiring. within 2 years. bye-bye...

we can ALL have parallel pursuits, and we should ALL try to make ALL the people around us happy and addict them to good vibes like crack. but, it's NOT by endorsing IGNORANCE about the fact that people are seriously trying to enslave us.

how the hell do we think we're going to get out of this by ignoring it? how the hell do we think we'll be safe if we close our eyes while the smoke is all around us?

i went out for beers earlier this eve and got my goofy-on with peeps in a major way, and i'm a quick-witted happy motherfucker when i wanna be. now i'm back here inspired to write you back and learn about and think of more ways of how to fight back - like the ideas contained in this email, which are great.

thanks to my inspiration i have purpose, confidence and energy, and i walk the streets turning heads a free man, or to quote fiddy:

"they say i walk around, like i got an S on my chest..."

and that's the way to beat this.

no matter what situation you are in or decision you have to make, the secret to life is: be cool, have balls. or, be cool, have eggs. or, be cool, have guts. any of them will work, it's all who you're passing the idea on to, and i find offering the combo works best.

it is what it is man, and it's like pythagoras theorem: it's mathematically proven through scientific polling, and of the hundreds i've said it to, no one who's heard it can disprove it with any situation.

hell, if you're in guantanamo, be cool, have balls, and pray the motherfuckers sleepin' on your sitch wake up. what the hell else are you going to do? and what are we going to do to keep the same bastards from "gitmo'ing" us now that they've passed a "law" specifically allowing it?

this is not unique to the "north american experience", there's a history of fascism and tyranny to look at - which we're deliberately not shown - and we're taught that "fascism" equals funny brown pants and funny little mustaches and crazy motherfuckers killing millions of jews.

that's ridiculous.

there are probably over 200 "fascist" countries in the world today, and our countries are just joining the club they created. the bad guys have used third world slave labor to get rich enough to bribe key members of the establishment arms that teach us what to think and slap us down if we disagree, and we have to stop them from escalating this - as we can see they are desperately trying to do.

the best way to inspire the "goodness in people" is by showing them how to be good people by helping the most people, not temporarily distracting them from their bullshit-bitching like that'll make it go away.

we know "don't worry, be happy" doesn't work as well as "it's a beautiful world, let's keep it that way and make it even more beautiful."

we're taught to whinge, navel gaze and masturbate, and the "self-help" industry assumes we have problems - or invents them. buying into that bullshit and the pathetic craven consumption and fear we're sold only leaves the people i know complaining about work, being tired, being bored, and just "being" alive. there are some decent principles in some of them, but the "solutions" sold often don't fit the people buying into them - just like the same pair of pants won't fit everyone, and they certainly aren't as consistently effective as they are "sold".

the high of "accomplishing something by reading it without applying it" wears off, and the best way to truly evolve is the stick to "principles" and define your own "practices". your. own. as long as you focus on the principles you can't go wrong, and you'll realize how many stupid prejudices you need to get rid of too.

self-help addicts craving their next "fix" will tell me book after book month after month to look into - even though you'll almost never hear me complain about anything, and all i can think of is: what the hell are you doing still pimpin' those? wasn't any of them supposed to work? and if they didn't, why are you still addicted to them?

i'll explain the world is fucked up, but as a citizen of a world with people far worse-off who need our compassion, i refused to weaken myself by selfishly complaining about it or my inability to affect change, or anything else less fucked up and petty on the shit-lists that plague peeps.

besides, if we realize the same shit that every single member of "UPPER MANAGEMENT INTELLIGENCE" has told us, and i'm talking ALL the most pious and generous and nigh-universally respected leaders in the world, it's simple: to avoid being a selfish, bitter, isolated bastards, like the evil bankers and bitter rich cliches we know of, and to maximize our potential and the potential of our planet, we've got to reach out and help others. that's it.

see, the rich and evil motherfuckers don't want this because then we'd become more unified and intelligent and finally kick the bums out of humanity's leadership positions. (soon...)

they have groveling underlings, or "MIDDLE MANAGEMENT INTELLIGENCE" to do their bidding. just like most middle managers, they are spineless peons meant to mindlessly parrot the establishment position, keep the people they are in charge of in-line, and reinforce a fascist and conformist "this is how you're supposed to do it" bullshit philosophy that keeps us from evolving or finding better ways of doing things even when we're not happy with the ways we settle on.

you tell me who we should listen to.

in fact, that's why it's set up that way: evil always tries to consolidate power, and the "goodness of people" is people actually realizing they need to help each other - not aim for and brag about "self-improvement" - which is why it's sold to us. i've seen poor people in poor countries laughing more than anyone in public in a big north american city, and that's because they regularily need and help each other to have fun.

that leads to trust, unity, family, fun... all that good shit.

meanwhile, we grab our X-Box's and play the military's latest video games, and you can Google for the book "From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Videogames" to learn about that shit, and about how they're training kids to hunt and kill brown people in the streets by making video games where they hunt and kill brown people in the streets.

we need to defeat and dismantle the structures perpetually being set up to enslave us spiritually, mentally, physically and economically.

we're fighting corruption, not circumstance.

if people realized that there are in fact simple answers - and that the saying "there are no simple answers" is some academic bullshit to keep us paralyzed and confused - then we'd be able to react to the serious solutions (like the ones here) with confidence and clarity. we need the balls to handle the bullshit, and part of it is letting go of stupid self-destructive reasoning - or reasoning that needlessly endorses harming others.

in nearly all the cases of perpetual or systemic immorality people are working to change, the solution is: "qui bono?", or latin for "who profits?", something i learned from Alex Jones, something that blew my mind, and something that not nearly enough people think about.

why else would people be screwed if not to benefit others? why else would others take the time to set up practices that screw people on a planet that can easily support all of us? you don't think god gave us enough shit???


this is the same thing the cops have used for hundreds of years and "humans" have used for thousands of years, and yet most "activists" shy away from "economic" arguments for fear of... what? of what?

i'm right, and most people across the spectrum of opinion i'm trying to influence can't take it because it conflicts with their world-view, including those who've been working hard on their spheres of influence for years.

i'm really sorry about the whole "bruised ego's" aspect, but it has nothing to do with me being special, it's just the choices i made independently of any "group think" or previous philosophy or gangs i roll with, ALL of which was up for grabs in favour of a practical approach to all "people" instead of "prose" or "peer-pressure".

the availability of a massive spectrum of information the internet is our key to survival, and we have to understand that if there's a lot of it and it's attacking powerful institutions that have proven their corruption over and over and over again, it's likely been put there by people for no other reason than they are passionate and persistent about exposing real "evil" really screwing us.

my decision to focus a substantial amount of time and interest on this - again - independently of any "group think", has helped too, and i always prefer listening to advocates for "people" over advocates for "power".

i also just practiced what we all pay lip-service to - "CONTINUOUS LEARNING" - though most of us stop at a small piece of the puzzle. i've arrived here, i'm sure i'll keep going, and as it's been recommended to me, i'll strongly recommend it right back and show you it works. i don't want to settle on a safe position that will be certified by much of our largely apathetic and ignorant society, i want to find a way to beat it, and help us become less apathetic and ignorant.

i know i'm right, many other people know it, and where i'm at with it is enough for now because i don't have a choice.

this fusion of philosophy, music, activism, journalism spirituality and other elements hasn't been done before, and i'm building an unshakeable pyramid of proof that will dwarf the shitty little green one on the american dollar bill, and obliterate the "official" lies that are pounded into our heads by our propaganda and peers.

as i continue to get better and better at it, i'm planning on it making more and more sense. as they turn up the heat on us boiling frogs i'm sure more and more people will understand it, and take a long hard look at the stuff they saved on their hard drives. i'm counting on the "goodness of people" to recognize the importance of my work - AND - all the brave and brilliant brothers and sisters from the past and present that i'm begging us to listen to - many of whom you are already familiar with and say you want to listen to anyway.

while people may get there at their own pace, i'm content to stay ahead of the game to let y'all know what's comin', and perhaps even draw you a map towards a better path... :-)

peace, (now!!!)



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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!


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