Friday, October 27, 2006

GOT MONEY? Joseph Stiglitz, fmr. Chief Economist for the World Bank is on The Alex Jones Show today at 12 pm (Friday + Re-streams)

Re: The G8 Money Supply

hey guys,

i'm listening to the re-stream now, and alex jones just said that joseph stiglitz, former chief economist for the world bank, is going to be on friday's show radio show, which can be streamed and re-streamed at until sunday afternoon. i recommend checking at 12 pm on friday, or every 3 hours thereafter for the beginning (of his 3 hr show) when he tells you who's gonna be on when.

while i might be whittling down to a backpack, i might not, and some of y'all are good olde fashioned propurty-owners, and power to ye, it's cool dat all of us are blessed to have a shiny-nickel in the game.

and i've gotta say, for the record:

"i like my d--k sucked and shiny shit, and that's fine; i still wanna save, Palestine..."

back to the stiggy-iggy, i'm sure homeboy knows his stuff, and hopefully he got a dope green weather forecast and some insider berating.

what the hell, i'm prolly gonna bet on euros in a minit. and maybe cleavage.

y'all check him if ya feel... :P

big rope chain enna phat gold peace!




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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!

REPLY-TO: "That is the most retarded thing I have ever read."

that's cool...

i'm a smart guy who sez smart shit, and if you don't get this don't worry, it was an email i sent to a few friends and part of an inside joke as well.

the point is that we don't need to take this shit "seriously", and the stuff you'll learn about the world when ali g is interviewing someone is more valuable then when the mainstream news is: he asks harder questions, and the mainstream media's GOAL is to LIE to us - as you can see every day.

it's on now homie, we've got 6 months to stop our descent into fascism, and when peeps across the spectrum of politics, journalism, academia and other groups all freak out at the same time, you know we're on the brink.

no one says "maybe" we're heading into a total police state anymore, they just talk about how little time we have to stop it and encourage us to try.

i've got a lot of understanding of what's going on, but part of what i'm trying to do is legitimize ALL marginalized opinions, including hip hop's, and ALL marginalized forms of cultural expression, including hip hop's.

i know it's on TV, and i'm glad some of our brothers and sisters are making money, but the hip hop that affects the institutions that are trying to poison and enslave us is not.

remember, 2Pac's most important and personal album was called:

"Makaveli: The Don Killuminati, The 7 Day Theory"

and if you can't see the world "illuminati" in there as a warning from over 10 years ago that more of "hip hop" should have listened to, and Jay-Z's right after that, then unfortunately won't see the same people thousands of our favorite artists and writers and philosophers have warned us about all the time - the richest and most evil people in the world - are nearing the finish line for dumbing us down, brainwashing and enslaving us.

i'm flexing homie, and cooking beef.

you can knock whatever bits'n'pieces you want, but beware of your own prejudices limiting your ability to appreciate and understand the world, and wasting your energy hatin' when there could be a new way for appreciatin'.

that's how hip hop got knocked in the first place, until total freedom of expression + balls = convinced critics

as long as actions don't violate any "principles", and not "rules", then we should just let them be and hear what they're trying to say, and EVERYONE i know likes "their d--k sucked and shiny shit", or their version of it, whether it's a massage and car, or doggy-style and a nice coffee table, it's all the same shit. ALL of it. and nearly ALL of our judgments against each other are totally unneccesary.

i'm trying to make us realize that and stop judging each other over bullshit, and because of that i'm totally cool with taking some heat... :)


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