Saturday, September 23, 2006

Brilliant video on the dedicated "humans" or "people" or "citizens" who care in the 9/11 Truth Movement. (4 mins)

Talking About a Revolution



Don't worry, as long as we keep our heads up and trust real compassionate and dedicated "people" over our admittedly (and unfortunately) corrupted governments and corporate media, we'll be fine.

We all gotta pitch in though, and it makes perfect sense to.

After all, it just takes one quick double-take-a-look at the World to absolutely and undeniably confirm:

"We know you are evil..."

And we're going to do something about it.

Peace by pushing for peace of mind...



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P.S. To help Save The World, please Google for "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism", "America: From Freedom to Fascism" and "". Also, check the daily international mainstream newswires at "" and "" -- and pass this info on to everybody -- NOW!!!


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