Thursday, August 31, 2006

KATRINA UPDATE: "Houston, we have a problem..."

hey you!

i am in [---] now! yeah, the racism is crazy in houston. not only against muslims but really against blacks. and not just any blacks, the "katarina" blacks...400,000 migrated to Houston from Louisiana last year and a year later, there are still 200,000 there...many of them still without jobs and living on welfare, in free gov't housing and with no intention for going back. thousands of illegal aliens (mexicans) moved to louisiana from texas because they are paying $80 an hour cash for construction! what a bizarro world it is down here...and my friend's wife is defiant in her racism...she calls herself a racist bigot and she doesn't care! gawd. i am hanging with other friends in a much smaller city, a little bit more diverse, but still poverty is very much drawn on ethnic lines, as it is almost everywhere in the states, and really the world....

hope you are doing well,

thanks for the update, now you see what i've been so upset about, and why "the star" is turning into a useless piece of birdcage lining: you are being brainwashed into accepting mild criticism of the police state being set up, as are many others even on the harder-left.

soon "the star" will say "now they have to stick a finger up your bum to check for lipstick bombs" and "some civil libertarians are concerned."

that's it.

so, they're saying: "hey sh-t happens, there's nothing you can do about it, there's no one you can turn to so you can help stop it, it sucks, but you'd better accept that this is just what "conservative" governments do to us, the bastards, oh well..."

it's all a lie, and it's designed to give you useless crap to argue about that doesn't accomplish a damn thing: do you see this war-machine monster slowing down? do you see canada fighting more or less wars over the next 20 years? do you see us becoming a killing machine as increasing or decreasing the "rights" and "freedoms" we have at home? do you see a government that wantonly kills millions of people overseas for the military industrial complex and corrupt corporate elite as truly caring about "us"?

"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny."

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

the israeli government is finally pulling the big iron curtain around their people too - the lebanon incursion that came out of nowhere was a a "test" to see if they could get away with starting wars out of the blue. they're getting them ready to accept endless wars against "islamo-fascism" in exchange for giving up all their civil rights, free speech, and everything else they hold dear. fortunately many israeli people are aware and trying to stop it, but as long as we stick with the mainstream media we'll never hear about them, and we'll just end up getting more and more depressed about the inevitability of "war" and our hopeless and clueless descent into a "police state".

i don't get it: when the toronto raptors and vince carter stopped trying, people everywhere were ready to give up on the bums.

when the media stops trying, why don't we do the same?

remember: you can't beat your dog every day for 10 years without eventually succumbing to the urge to beat your wife.

well, the West has beaten the hell out of the Third World Dogs for 50 years, and as much as they feed and clothe and job and house us, they also work us to death and poison us. they've also lied to us so much that they don't respect us anymore, and the corruption is so deep institutionally that everyone makes excuses for inaction and apathy, including the media who are trained to say "that's just not a story!" about something important while putting the Olsen Twins on the cover of their newspaper.

hey, they "say" it, so "it" is.

you have to ask yourself how these people are "treated" with "racism" obviously being reinforced by the media and other powerful institutions over "compassion", and knowing how americans think of themselves there could've easily been an outpouring of good will if the media had only reinforced that it was "in style" and an "american" thing to do to treat fellow americans like human beings in need.

remember the "tsunami"?

they were down, and that sh-t happened thousands of miles away...

i'd like to think if 200,000 quebecois were stranded in toronto we would treat them more humanely and like fellow "canadians".

still, make no mistake: we're just as bad, and we hide it by telling each other how canadians are "nice" and americans are "dumb". it's just not true.

they have more "extremes" than we do, but their media convinces both "us" and "them" that they're dumber than they really are, and the "50% believe 9/11 was an inside job" or "Bush hovers at 30% approval ratings" stories about independent polls done by respectable firms the press begrudgingly sneaks in reflect that.

i heard alex jones say canada is the worst police state he's ever seen in the western hemisphere, and the fact that we find that it's impossible to believe is a huge part of it. i spoke with another friend in the media yesterday, and they said that stories about the cops are incredibly difficult to do, and while there's no official special protection, it's understood that they will bring the full force of "the state" down on you for messing with them unless you've absolutely triple and quadruple-checked it - so most media are scared to touch it.

imagine, the all-powerful "state" has more protection that "us", and even among us it's tragic: the libel and slander laws only protect those who have a "reputation", so you can say whatever you want about the aboriginal people - who make up 2% of the population and 28% of the prison population - or as a people they are FOURTEEN TIMES more likely than the rest of us to be in jail per capita - and they can't do anything about it.

but: if i accuse donald trump of wearing a sh-tty toupee, then i could be sued for $100 million in lost income by a billionaire.


"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell

Peace by keeping up the pressure...



Google: Black Krishna


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