Sunday, September 04, 2005

Like thousands of others who were inspired, I just bought kanYe West "Late Registration" today...'s great, I heard it on his website last nite after being inspired to check it, and even paid an extra couple of bucks for the "Limited Edition Deluxe Packaging" today.

He's hella smart.

Sure, he pops-off once in a while out of control ("speaking from his soul") and frankly, I like my artists a lil' crazy...

But, live on NBC with millions of people watching, if he said what he said 2 blogs ago and 3 months before his album came out, that would've been a mistake, and many of us might not have heard "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" and his other words of wisdom.


It's on brother, it's on...

Cop it, show artists and celebrities that we'll respect them for respecting us enough to represent us, and maybe, just maybe, this'll work... :-)


Peace, (NOW!!!)



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