Friday, September 23, 2005

B'n'B-Dot Boxers Got Bricks... (Just chillin' on the Hub)

23 / SEP / 05


-> FEAR IS IN!!!



-> Processes can be improved upon, evolved

- Smart peeps with smart ways of doing things are enemy #1


"Slatterns / Locked into patterns /
The meat of the matter / Is idle chatter / That earns /
3rd degree soul burns
4th degree head-turns
Learn 2 transcend the urns /
Gettin' ashy just takin' turns /
Actin' classy just being ferns /
Planted in a room of doom /
Alone in ya dome /
Home Alone / Pukin' in bathrooms /
Backrooms / Where the cards are dealt /
The biggest hands are felt /
Around necks / Choke chain / Tie & belt /
No lie / How I felt /
Most high / So I knelt /
Dealt the buckle of my belt /
2 all those who felt /
Small // So in stealth /
Stand tall / Chasin' wealth /
But first comes my health /
Mental / So my dental smile gets felt /
8 Miles / I spelt /
So clear / With no fear /
"You a rapper?"
"Yeah, but one line of mine beats your whole career!"
Sooth-seer / Soothin' sayin' /
Better than prayin' or layin'
Filetin' fish with a death-wish / Who hide from what I'm sayin' /
Grayin' black & white / Brown Knight / Pickin' a fight /
Packin' light / 'Cause my insight may incite my flight
I got a right 2 fight /
You got a right 2 give /
I got a right 2 shiv / Floating ribs / Exposing kids /
2 a world of hate /
At this late-date we can all relate /
Steady ballin' / When I'm maulin' suckas from 8 to 8 /
From late / 2 great /
My sched / Been well-fed /
Coulda marched 'til I'm dead /
Made me a map instead..."


B'n'B-Dot Boxers Got Bricks...


"Shortie ho'n out with so much class /
Just can't let her pass /
She whup a Nike commercial ass..."


-> The soul of hip hop is BALLS!


-> Kids are REAL CHIPS!


"Playin' a high stakes game /
Gamble with they' future /
If late on the police state
They gonna take 'em and shoot ya
Jackboot gonna loot ya /
Take ya big TV /
Reality TV / Becomes / Reality /
My mentality / Grind 4 the blind /
They can see it so clear / If they look behind /
Dark days / Just a play /
Years been runnin' /
Global tears 4 fears /
And now we see them comin' /
Let 'em rot to they' core /
Behind closed doors /
Let 'em start they' World Wars /
On a World Tour
I know 4 sure /
Character gets corrupted /
Unless interrupted /
The volcano erupted /
So we frozen like Pompei /
In ash /
Held down /
By cash /
Whiplash / At all the stuff we wanna stash /
Made a mad-dash 4 the mall /
Heard the call /
Took a look at it all /
"Yeah, that's nice."
But that's all /
Stand tall /
Gotta use our brain /
They wanna let us hang ourselves /
With our gold-rope-chains /
My goal / Rope chains /
But keep my sanity & vanity /
Sell your soul to a Fox
Jerkin' off Sean Hannity /
And Bill O'Reilly /
Never see a smiley face /
Unless he spittin' venom /
Why you wantin' a taste?
Why you wantin' a place / Of sin / 2 live-in?
Be forgiven 4 given a damn / 'Bout a plan / 4 man / 2 be forgiven /
4 given a damn /
Damn man / That's the plan /
I ain't sayin' it / I just recycle the damned /
Seen 'em all fall /
But only after the wall-call /
Vietnam / Small / In the grand scheme of it all /
The grand dream of it all
Learn the mistakes /
Double-takes / Takes time /
But that's why I rhyme / 4 all our sakes /
Crime / 4 all mistakes /
I'm servin' a sentence to jakes
If you repeatin' mistakes
Your kids'll be burned at the stake /
Maybe I'm just a flake /
Maybe I'm on the take /
Maybe / But can you see what it takes?
2 correct the mistakes?
2 resurrect what it takes?
Got my 'Pac on /
Get the block on / Side / 2 ride /
Before the block gone /
Rising son / Shone /
Rising sun / Gone /
Uprising / No surprise /
When worldwide / They' heart's torn /
Iraqi babies born /
Deformed / 2 scorn /
Reform the ways / born /
Of those who say / Scorn /
I'm like a corn / Or a thorn /
In the side of The Man /
He been at this forever /
Never closer to his plan /
Never closer to never giving a damn /
Than now /
Seen how /
We just living the plan / Saying "OW!"
Saying now is the time / 2 listen 2 rhyme /
No really listen fool:
Rewind that line /
Take it back to Bob / Marley or Dylan /
They both made a killin' / 'Cause they were willin' 2 say we got the skillin'
Crack an Inniskillin /
Sit back / Sip a sweet CD /
I ain't greedy / But it's one of them / Or me /
I just see what they see /
So I be what I be /
Livin' free /
The lap of luxury by just being me..."


BONUS: Courtesy of The Monk on the Couch...

"Bush declared a War on Vulgarity yesterday, it was on the news, and they are recruiting FBI Agents specifically to fight it."

Now I can't find anything about it on the internet anywhere, no Google, no Yahoo, no stories, no nothing.


Oh well...



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