Monday, September 12, 2005

Alex Jones at "Salvooo!!!"

"Mr. Jones,
I'm, takin' ya call,
Seen cats at Rucker,
With less balls to ball,
Stand tall,
Been in the game,
For 8 years,
Exposing lies and fears,
Through wide-eyes and jeers,
We owe you a cheers,
Let's share 8 beers,
The truth is finally here,
But it's the truth we fear..."


Police forcibly tackling elderly, confiscating firearms and dragging them out of their homes

FOX News | September 12 2005

So-called conservative O'Reilly lauds it as cops force their way into homes and aprehend dangerous insurgent old women.

FLASHBACK: New Orleans Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

WDSU | March 29, 2004

NEW ORLEANS -- It's a groundbreaking court decision that legal experts say will affect everyone: Police officers in Louisiana no longer need a search or arrest warrant to conduct a brief search of your home or business.

Leaders in law enforcement say it will keep officers safe, but others argue it's a privilege that could be abused.

The decision in United States v. Kelly Gould, No. 0230629cr0, was made March 24 by the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.





Blackwater Mercenaries: Coming Soon to Your Town

Kurt Nimmo | September 12 2005

It is now obvious how martial law (not officially declared as such) will work in America in the wake of the devastation of New Orleans. Instead of federal troops or an influx of National Guard troops sent to “restore order” (the latter mandated in our now anachronistic Constitution; see Article 1, Section 8) and empowered to “suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions,” in Louisiana the state and federal governments have brazenly violated the Constitution by sending in Blackwater Security and other private goon squads. “Heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm, infamous for their work in Iraq, are openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans,” write Jeremy Scahill and Daniela Crespo. “Some of the mercenaries say they have been ‘deputized’ by the Louisiana governor; indeed some are wearing gold Louisiana state law enforcement badges on their chests and Blackwater photo identification cards on their arms. They say they are on contract with the Department of Homeland Security and have been given the authority to use lethal force.”




Doctors Euthanized Katrina Victims

Australian Daily Telegraph | September 12 2005

DOCTORS working in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans killed critically ill patients rather than leave them to die in agony as they evacuated.

With gangs of rapists and looters rampaging through wards in the flooded city, senior doctors took the harrowing decision to give massive overdoses of morphine to those they believed could not make it out alive.

One New Orleans doctor told how she "prayed for God to have mercy on her soul" after she ignored every tenet of medical ethics and ended the lives of patients she had earlier fought to save.

Her heart-rending account has been corroborated by a hospital orderly and by local government officials.

One emergency official, William Forest McQueen, said: "Those who had no chance of making it were given a lot of morphine and lain down in a dark place to die."

Euthanasia is illegal in Louisiana and the doctors spoke only on condition on anonymity.




[Ed note: so medical aid is not necessary, but military aid is?]

Mexico, Holland send troops to Biloxi

Sun Herald | September 9, 2005


A very trusted friend who works at a shooting range here in Austin reported to me that on Friday of last week, Dutch troops were at the range target shooting. Furthermore, additional regular US Army troops were present sighting their rifles! We have ARMED Mexican and Dutch troops in the United States under the pretense of helping with the Katrina recovery effort.

The Marines have landed in Biloxi -- the Mexican Marines.

And Dutch Marines as well.


Armed Mexican Troops Invade US

For the first time since the 19th Century, Mexican troops landed Friday on U.S. soil, sent from the Mexican Navy ship ARM Papaloapan anchored near the USS Bataan. The Mexican ship's name means, "River of Butterflies."

Marines from Mexico, Holland and the U.S. are part of an international Hurricane Katrina cleanup effort building up on ships about 20 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Four Canadian ships are on the way.

"Our President called George Bush and three days later we came here," said Oscar Martinez Pretelin, a fleet or admiral rank officer aboard the Papaloapan, a 440-foot-long U.S.-built troop landing ship. Vincente Fox is the president of Mexico.

"We are honored to help the United States," Pretelin told press and television reporters Thursday aboard the Mexican ship.